Blog2009 ≫ Back at work

And there's a #iphone on my desk...

Gone through all my emails, there are a few too many "... and we'll leave that until Paul gets back" for my liking, but it could have been worse. If they'd managed to do everything without me I'd be expendable, don't want that. It's hard being back away from Clare and the boy, but they're only ten minutes down the road, it's not like I'm on an oil rig or in the army or anything! Highlight of the day so far was a note hidden in my lunch, seemingly from the boy, his handwriting is good, the boy's a genius I tell you. Next best thing here today was the iPhone - we finally have one so we can do some development work, write some apps and things. It's for the team, rather than just a jolly for me, but I lead the team so best I look after it. Besides, I've licked it now.

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