Blog2009 ≫ Not got as many CD's as I thought

But come to my one man boot fair tomorrow anyway!

Have just got rid of all the CD's! Well, got rid of them as far as the hallway anyway. They're out of the racks, the racks are in the car ready to go too, and the chest that was full too is cleaned out and now anticipating more crap. Baby blankets or something I reckon.

I've reprieved about 70 or 80 CD's, they're safe, mostly they're made by friends or signed by the artists. Then a few dozen were probably given away to appreciative parties, so that's likely the best of it gone. Apart from that I've filled up four and a bit banana boxes, I think two of those are albums that people might actually want, and then another two and a bit are singles. Singles by bands I think are brilliant, nice little packages of pop in their own right, but I can't justify the houseroom any more. It's sad to think that probably no-one will be interested in these and most of them will ultimately end up getting chucked out.

I started making a list of them for some reason see it here, I got bored after 500 though and I know there are a few hundred more that I didn't list.

See you tomorrow in the car park at work, or come along to the boot fair in Etchinghill on Saturday to say goodbye to them.

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