Blog2006 ≫ Aching again

More decorating today, still no job, so another day helping Dean out. Here he is, supping beer, while I was hard at work painting:

Got no before shots, so you can't see quite how much we've done, but the room was all originally dark red. There's a during shot, I'll get another when it's all done. Some TV actor lived in the house two people before Dean, someone who was in Only Fools and Horses, but he can't remember who. Whoever they were, they had the place decorated professionally, the finish on the paintwork ws better than we're managing... Anyone out there know of a TV actor who lived in Cheriton, near Folkestone, Kent about eight years ago? Was it you? [reply]Leave a message[/reply], let me know what you think of what we did to your decor...

Curry for tea, and then the last ever West Wing, the final series it out now, we missed the last few episodes when they were on so we've hired them. It's very sad that it's all over!

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