Two pairs of glasses for sixty quid

Something for the weekend

Bonus trip to the Inn Doors

Abandoned our plan to go to Aspendos

Lovely lunch at the Pullman

Action packed day

Day off tomorrow

Too much lunch choice

No running today

Bad experience at Luben

Another belting day today

Boot fair plan foiled

Princes Parade planning meeting

Absolutely awesome time at the conference

Swedish, meet BALLS

Successful shopping day

Summer fair was good but a bit chaotic

Forgot to mention Jessica Hynes

Tried a new pub

A Sundayish sort of Saturday

New Italian opening in Folkestone today

You can't move for vegans round here these days

Was not such an unproductive day yesterday either


Googies is reopening tomorrow

Shooting at the Red Cow

Zombie day in Folkestone

Can I carry over some of yesterday's steps to today?

Safe place to live in the case of a nuclear attack

Suspicion of murder

Nice day bumbling around town

We had our dessert in Steep Street

Out for lunch today

Party party at the Burstin

Last lie in of the whole year

Chambers Folkestone Menu

NCT christmas party yesterday

Fun weekend

Jobs done

Dot Cotton does live round here

Actually I don't have many more details of the weekend that I've not covered elsewhere

Number one son got run over yesterday - apart from that it was a good day

We won a meal for two at Wetherspoons

Delightful boys day today


Saw a dolphin today at Folkestone Harbour

How do you rescue a seaside town?

Folkestone Harbour Arm is OPEN for business

What a day to forget my phone

Good birthday night out!

Good long weekend so far!

Action packed weekend

Going to see Jo Brand in Folkestone

Happy Birthday Number one son

Also had a fun day out Saturday

Chambers Easter Ales Festival on again - will I miss it again?

A full weekend then

Oh no the local UKIP candidate is in trouble!

The best bit of the week

Busy weekend

Check the lunchbox, and then check it again smarty pants...

Danger Danger!

I was searching for an advert for this gig and came across this post of yours from 2010. I was at this gig with a bunch of mates and have some photo's

Banksy mural defaced

We saw the Banksy today

Printers are mad

Supper club, in Folkestone?

Lovely day

Low tide at Folkestone is RIGHT NOW!

No I'm not down on the beach

Anniversary night out part 1

Anniversary night out part 2

Folkestone Beer Festival 26th September!

Someone from Eastenders has opened a bar in Folkestone!

Another Monday, another day off

I read this story because the phrase "homeless love rival" drew me in...

The New Cross (some good ideas for Folkestone here)

Archery club!

Yet another bank holiday weekend with no DIY

I'm the current highest bidder

Paloma Faith @ LCH November 24th

Unplugged weekend

Day off

Venue voting is BACK

Folkestone Lego challenge (Folkestonian)

Folkestone Lego challenge (Folkestonian)

Great weekend btw

Good things about my bonus day off part 4

Open Mic at Chambers on Friday 14th

We won

Open Mic Tonight Fri 10th Jan 8pm at The Chambers Folkestone

Best night out of the year

Leas Lift beer festival next weekend

Ah I don't believe it

Henning Wehn is coming to Folkestone Cheesegrater

Star Wars signing event at The Grand, Folkestone

More local thrills

Invitation ATU "Footprints From The Past" Exhibition Talk and Reception

I went in the Firkin Alehouse this week

Vinopolis: GOOD

Nearly went to Googies today


Good weekend, with some sleep!

Welcome to Folkestone Gerald

Welcome to Folkestone Gerald

If your pub / restaurant / cafe / venue has a twitter account, let me know

Leas Lift Beer Festival

The Comsat Angels 1980

Update from Totally Jazz

New jazz bar and Restaurant opened at the Creative Quarter

Set of Le Creuset pans for sale in Folkestone

Pictures of the Rolling Stones in Folkestone

Top ten places in Folkestone as voted by you

Your Folkestone

Stones is being renovated right now

Jimmy White is at Lanterns on Bank Holiday monday

Enjoy Skabour festival if you are going

Street party outside Chambers this weekend

New sea sports facility on Folkestone seafront

Sandcastle competion Sunday, win a meal at RockSalt!

Folkestone Fringe News

Ben Montague in Concert

Tickets for The Enemy at Leas Cliff Hall go on sale in the morning

CAMRA beer festival at Tenterden Station next weekend

Ooh yeah we took the quiz!

Chambers jubilee bank holiday quiz

Air show!

The Hairy Bikers are coming to Folkestone (in 2013)


Jimmy Godden dead

Hockey festival is on in Folkestone this weekend too

We went to Googies for lunch today instead

I think we'll go to Chambers for lunch tomorrow

Ooh see me in the paper (possibly)

That was reported ages ago but nothing's happened yet

Slight 5.30 panic yesterday


Yummy GoGo

Keane tickets on sale Friday

Liverpool Empire Nov 1938

Car is MOT'd

You could see our house on Restoration Man this week

Meet Siddy Langley, eat mince pies

Come Dine With Me is coming to Folkestone and Dover

What day is the Chambers Halloween party?

Thanks for the Manic Street Preachers in Folkestone update

Manics in Folkestone

Amazing to think that last weekend we were swimming in the sea and this weekend we're thinking about snow...


Sainsbury's raise money for good cause

Sainsbury's hold a freakish bonanza for local charity

Leas Lift beer and cider festival this weekend!

Folkestone Old Photos from 1969

Archaeology news

Free Gig!!!

Fringe updates

Some bargain Le Creuset pans to collect from Dover

Kaiser Chiefs are playing Folkestone

Get your Leas Lift Ale in Chambers

17 August 2011

Website Content

Vodafone reception

Fitness For A Fiver? Boot Camp Style!

Pure Love


Earthquake in Portsmouth

Riding lessons

Best vegeburger in Folkestone

book table

New Folkestone Seafront website

50 plus demographic imbalance in Folkestone

Alternative approach to Shorncliffe Garrison Proposals.

UCF was not open in 1985

History of UCF

There's often open mic at Home Ground

Home Ground Cafe The Old High Street

20 May 2011

Two free tickets for Lone Star Comedy this friday up for grabs

Quarterhouse - Tickets for Dave Gorman & Phill Jupitus on sale at 10am Fri 22nd April!

hog roast anyone? is no longer salmon

Pendulum DJing in Folkestone this weekend?

Seems "Max's House" was a bit previous, but stop being negative people

seagull pub coranaway lane

artist talk by boredomresearch, thursday 6.30pm, george's house gallery, folkestone

Aha Jolsons / The Party Bar to reopen

Which Folkestone bar is to reopen then?

Volunteers wanted to "Unlock The Bayle"...

Further news and reviews from the FIRST Leas Lift Beer Festival

Spectacular cider, man

Woke up feeling refreshed

When did Brendan Sheerin (from Coach Trip) live in Folkestone?

Good rugby, bad back

Hair and Make Up Treat

Not sleeping

Also whatever happened to this story about flats in the Burstin being up for sale?

Can you help the pavement pounders?

Archeology volunteers required for January and February

New restaurants in Folkestone Harbour

Seasons greetings from Folkestone Gerald

Tick #4030 were there really 4000+ people there???

Cream 1967

The Pretty Things play 100 Club on Friday (oh and so does Paul McCartney)

MOBO winner Professor Green doing two shows at Folkestone Onyx on the 20th

The Ramones 1980

Town Unearthed Research Group will be meeting this Thursday (9th Dec) at 6.30-8pm at the History Resource Centre at Folkestone Library

rabbit type women statue

Strange Cargo memories project

Sign and Sign bloodbath

Pama International meets Mad Professor Rewired! In Dub on Tour

Felix Dexter - Multiple Personalities in Order

Creative Eclectic Presents *NEW YEARS EVE PARTY* at The Lanterns

FREE Gig at The Chambers - Thursday 18th November

Discount if you buy Dub Pistols tickets today

Max's House

fridge repair

Dub Pistols at the Cheesegrater this Friday (29/10/10)


Looking for an old friend

Aha it must be Jim Smallman headlining Folkestone Rugby club this Friday night (22/10/10)

Henry Seaton's "Homes Fit for Heroes"

Folkestone Book, Paper & Print Collectors' Fair to be held at The Grand on The Leas on 23rd October 2010

Cocktail Night


Laptop stolen from the Leas Cliff Hall

Semi fiascous weekend

Chambers listings should be added to the site starting this week

sorry I don't know about the boot fair

TV show Flog It was from Folkestone today

Best pub on Romney Marsh.

Lots going on at the Cheesegrater over the bank holiday

Bargain carvery at the Hermitage this Sunday

I'm not going in Folkestone Costa coffee again

Folkestone Photos...

Stay at George Hotel

Is it Googies with a hard G like Google?

Is Anybody There?

He cries in the night, Daddy whispers baby it's OK

Julien Dupont motorbike skills at Hevy Festival

Woodchurch Morris at the British Lion... but when?

Raymond and Mr Timpkins are coming to Lanterns

Great family pub/restaurant/hotel

Another absolute roaster today

Some kind of street festival going on in Folkestone town centre today

Another scorcher today

Recommended comedy if you're in Folkestone this Saturday night

White Hart Hotel, Hythe, Kent


House latest

An audience with Paul Daniels this Friday

Weekend roundup

Jetty's Bar and Cabin Cafe now gone ... photos

I did not know the Hevy festival was at the zoo this year...

Lovely fathers eve

The prince of india at folkestone.

Pullman - great!

Another cracking day today

Dull weather, not good boot fairs

Good Books

Folkestone Maud

A Must See Seaside Shop

Pavement pounders walks for May, June, July and August


In case there's anyone reading the blog but not the twitter...

There's room to park at Trinity church hall

Battle Of The Bands 2010

Folkestone regeneration news

Up early, but without vomit

Chambers quiz on this weekend, but no beer festival!

Anyone know of a Folkestone venue in the '80s called Peter Pipers?

The Pullman is shockingly nice now

Freshly prepared food? Try frozen!

Free tickets for Lone Star Comedy club at Lanterns this Saturday

Unmissable Unmissable Unmissable

Forthcoming Lone Star Comedy Club events

Never Again.

Please check out this folkestone pub map

Riverford Organic cookery demonstration at Number 11

Done some work on simplifying and speeding up my google maps

It ticks every box!

Nicely matured vintage ale

Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue

A band you've heard of, playing the Cheesegrater!

Folkestone brothel raid!

The Leas Lift is being restored

Video from the Editors gig at the Leas Cliff Hall

I am ubuntuing

Folkestone gets a big up in the Telegraph

Ah of course I can go to the pub this weekend

the purple hearts @ the deccas 24/04/10

My review of the fight!

The Elizabethan is now just an anonymous doorway again

nme says the police were called to the editors gig

Does this look like a real skateboard to you?

Number 11 spring newsletter

Just been offered an Editors ticket

Folkestone's HEVY music festival is back agin this year!

Who's that parking in a disabled bay on Earls Avenue?

Pictures from inside The Elizabethan

brockhill country park

Practically had to wade home tonight

Flat in our block for sale for a lot less than ours

Skiing down Folkestone's Old High Street

Hot links of the day

Flat in our block for sale for a lot less than ours

HELP! Haiti Earthquake live performance TONIGHT

One Dering Road - Open Garden - Plantsperson's romantic town garden with optimum use of space

Snow joke getting in today

Instant Karma's gonna get you

Heavy snow again here

New and Events at Number Eleven restaurant, The Old High Street, Folkestone

Fetch a bucket!

Folkestone, ESSEX?

Is there an Apache gunship circling over Cheriton right now?


More Tales From The Tap Room

Woman jailed for making child eat vomit

Has Sandgate Bar Vasa closed?

Don't forget Richard Herring is in Folkestone this Friday night

Richard Herring @herring1967 gig is THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

Yep have had other comments to back that up

I'll show you the regeneration of Folkestone RIGHT HERE!

Free book for the people of Folkestone

Richard Herring's coming to the Cheesegrater

Starbucks closing on the 17th of Jan (2010)

Starbucks at Stop 24 is closing

PUBLICANS Rare opportunity for a CLASS ACT?

Bar Vasa reigning back in

Closing down sale next weekend at The Neville Pundole Gallery

Tenerife/Barcewlona tickets

I'm in work today

Snowing again here

Still got snow on the ground here in Folkestone

Out of work already, a prematurely happy new year to you all

Spencer Davis Group 1967

I got the venue details from Marmalade Skies

Merry Christmas everyone

Claudia Schiffer in Folkestone

#uksnow CT20 4/10

Not what I meant by "getting stoned down the beach"

Better than I had heard

High Speed rail link is live today

Lunches At last

Advanced Lettings

"Experience Folkestone's nightlife", as travellers are being urged, may be questionable as a big draw card

So... male, 46 & single (suddenly, deliciously) in Folkestone?

"er, folkestone"?

Placebo gig

The Magic Toyshop review of our lovely audience.

A night out in Chambers

Me not stagediving

RE: Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday - 13080

Parkway to be built at Westenhanger

Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reid

HG Wells ART at The Neville Pundole Gallery


Remember there were two venues that people think of as Tofts

Hermitage Restaurant

Annoying people in the pub

Glad no-one was hurt in this car crash


Chambers 2009 christmas menu

Alesha Dixon also in Folkestone

"Highly regarded in industry circles as one of comedy's most exciting new prospects"

Cultured Pearl at Chambers

The Royal Norfolk Hotel - Sandgate Hotels, Hotel Folkestone

Evil weather here today

Who dug up the Leas?

Update from The Hermitage

Live Music @ Number Eleven, The Old High Street, Folkestone.

The Drum Inn Stanford North

if you google image search for Club Indigo Folkestone

Wartime tunne in the hills above Folkestone sold for 144,000

John Lewis Bergerac side table


Lake District 2009

Lone Star Comedy lineup for September 26th

Folkestone to London High Speed Rail Link trial has started

Hawkwind 1986

RE: surely no-one who ever went to the lit fest would make that mistake? - 12904

surely no-one who ever went to the lit fest would make that mistake?

RE: Literary festival too high brow then? - 12902

Literary festival too high brow then?

Eurotunnel FAIL

Been for a family photoshoot today

Events at Quarterhouse - Simon Bird & Seth Lakeman

Reliable, friendly, and reasonably priced


What a shame this picture is blurry

Appalling service!

GOOD holiday in Canterbury

Living Room at The View 25th September

Mi Dispiace!

Back to front weekend

RE: Hevy a (damp) success! - 12857

Leas Cliff Hall gigs in the 1970s

Saxon, at Southampton Joiners

pubs and clubs in kent

Comedy at Escondido

Hevy fest: GOOD

If you are under 18 do not bother going they will Starve you!!!

SPOTTED: Grant Nicholas out of Feeder

Pay day!

Crazy weather today

Don't forget Folkestone Festival this weekend!


RE: Thanks for even more detail - 12826

2 Folkestone Festival tickets went for 75 quid on ebay

Set of SIX Habitat Radius chairs

RT @Bob_the_nurse If anyone lives in or near Folkestone go to Home Ground coffee shop. It's new on the highstreet. My friend Michelle has opened it.

Tickets for Folkestone Hevy festival on Ebay

Belly Dance Lessons at The Quarterhouse Theatre

Another brace of Habitat Radius chairs

Thirty quid for a Skid Row single?!?

Anyone going to Folkestone "Hevy" Festival?

RE: Ha I knew that about Skid Row, let me explain! - 12802

Ha I knew that about Skid Row, let me explain!

Living Room at The View

protect creative rights! and some!

Possibly going to be on BBC local news today

Michael Howard was in The Guildhall last night


Number 11's menu for the Charivari

Aargh, I just missed "Kinky Kent Munch, Folkestone"

RE: Transport means from gatwick airport - 12777

Transport means from gatwick airport

Cool baby grows

Strange ebay shop

Pixies tickets!

Can only find first class high speed rail travel from Folkestone to London so far

RT @renyard mpressed with the new high speed train. Taken 45 mins off my commute!

Folkestone - the place of dreams

Nice pub shame about the welcome!!

Maybe I'll make it to the NEXT Frog and Frigate reunion...

There's always a huge death rumour on Glastonbury weekend

Who says I'm unqualified?

Special offer on Lone Star Comedy tickets

Foster Gearing's virtual reality zoom around our Creative Quarter

Where'd my paternity leave go?

Joanna Lumley is LIVE from Folkestone on BBC1 right now


Dinosaur Planet!

The more times you post about this on here

Another nice day with the family

Nice day with the family

Anyone know of any official twitter accounts for *places* in Folkestone?

Got a spare couple of hours to myself!

Why is this on here?

Day two. Would the boy please come to the diary room...

Due day plus lucky THIRTEEN?

Planet Of The Grapes

Remember to vote people!

Got a twitter feed for your pub / cafe / hotel?

Michael Howard's expenses

"it brough back fond memories of my friend 'Spliff'"

Number 11 new menu and website

Due day plus EIGHT

Nice day in Folkestone

Due day plus SIX

"a restaurant near Folkestone has had to close part of its car park because of the caterpillars"

So people say Cream never played at Toft's...

Lone Star Comedy Club 27th June 2009

Why don't local venues send me listings like this?

Folkestone Library / Amazon plugin

Due day

Emergency trip to hospital!

Is Folkestone Harbour Festival on in 2009?

Haguelands farm

folkestone harbour festival 2008

Half price tickets for bank holiday comedy

Good luck, hope someone responds to you

Updating my gigography

Gurkha palace RULES

Oh yeah Ricky Gervais tickets available now

Lazy day today

A non slating comment about cafe belge

A brace of Habitat Radius benches

RE: Got an email about the School of Art - 12598

opposite where the police station is now?

local events

Abigail's Wardrobe - CLOTHES SWAP!!!

rent a room

Underground house video

Sold 80 CD's today

New High Speed Rail (draft) timetable released today

Tracey Ann Pryke exhibition in Sandgate

Anyone got anything to say about Folkestone that doesn't involve machetes?

New High Speed Rail (draft) timetable released today

Woo a glut of retweets!

missing gig info

Just to clarify

Nice knowing you all

'Anchor Baby' Recording Services

WEIRD non news story about ASDA

Pay day today (probably) don't forget your Folkestone Festival tickets

Packing the hospital bag now

May The Fourth Wall Be With You - quiz!

wards hotel

Gail Olding Exhibition at George's House Gallery

The Beiderbeck Collection

Nice day in Canterbury (and FWOTD)

When did twitter stop shortening urls automatically? FAIL

Got our tickets for Lone Star Comedy

The Whole World Cafe closed because...

Daughters 18th Meal

Michael McIntyre all sold out!

Hmm will try and stop posting those big long links, sorry

Folkestone Festival!

Win VIP weekend tickets to Sellindge Festival

The Whole World Cafe closed?

Folkestone Festival is looking good!

Cheers Musically daily bulletin

Important cool stuff from the weekend that I forgot

Where did the weekend go?

Michael McIntyre for Folkestone Comedy fest!

the little bistro

What's on @ Quarterhouse, Folkestone

New baby scans



There goes the neighbourhood

Gurkha campaign is picking up pace nationally

Capel death plunge

Is Chambers Easter Ales festival on this year?

Who has the most Twitter followers in Folkestone?

Who has the most Twitter followers in Folkestone?

They're all at it

Who are we meant to assume MYSTERY GUEST HEADLINER is then?

New Twitter ticket service

Lionel Richie meet and greet!

Britannia Inn

The Whole World Cafe is on Myspace

Leas Lift demo covered by the bbc

Ozzy Osbourne 1980

Special events at the New Inn

Lots of Folkestone twittering now!

Leas Lift demo today at 4pm


Blogging suffering as a direct result of twitter

Surveillance society

You can now reply or post reviews here using Twitter


Escondido in Deal, don't bother going there!!!

I didn't realise Pete Doherty was in Folkestone tonight

Chrome Experiment

Inside the Cheesegrater

BYOB promotion at the Hermitage

RE: How do I geocode my photos automatically for free? - 12396

Debenhams pulls out!

Anywhere I roam (part 1.5)

slipway in foord road

Heading to London in a bit

Invited to a do at the Quarterhouse

Pictures of the inside of the Cheesegrater!

Not thought to look on ebay for a house before

House for sale on Ebay

Come fly with me

I liked Pancho's

Bar Vasa moving to Tontine Street?

New wave heroes - Rolls Royce Derby 21st feb

RE: Weaow! Weaow! Weaow! Ch-chik-chik-chik - 12233

RE: All insured, we can drive our new car home on Saturday - 12229

Thanks for the update Dave

Aha here's why Hammersmith Odeon changed its name again

The Herd 1968

Just discovered #near:Fareham

Had a great valentines day

RE: Bella Pizza - 12077

Folkestone clearout

I did get the table in the end

Food tired and tasteless

roger tut tut

Got my Cure tickets

Free tickets for the Sellindge music festival

Free gig Thursday to find the best local talent for music festival

Big Country 1989

Not Dover beer festival

my school

Nice try Barry Goss

Shopping centre for sale, one careful owner

No more snow here overnight

We have snow today

folkestone herald

Now that's just WEIRD!

pop goes the 80's: electric dreams

Lone Star Comedy Club SOLD OUT for the 31st Jan!

for sales boys like girls at o2 oxford

Sasafrass 1975



Lordy early start tomorrow

Frenchman hosts Sellindge Festival publicity stunt

Month of Music at the Quarterhouse

High Speed Rail Link services from Chartham to London

Back on the house train

Baby news

Seven second pint

RE: - 11947

in your opinion of course, anonymous contributor

got lots of non folkestone venues on here

Nickelback Platinum Pit tickets

Ian Cognito for Lone Stary Comedy club in January

Speaking of things gigographic

We got snow this morning

The Cure / NME Awards Big Gig tickets

Coldplay with Girls Aloud???

Foals no longer supporting The Cure at the O2

RE: Lambert & Weston - 11910

Dismantling an Omega pool table

Punch up at the Seagull

Legends of Folkestone

Motorhead 2004

I have seen Lemmy in a pub once before

ho ho ho very festive weekender

A Christmas of sorts, and why doesn't the Whole World Cafe want customers?

Christmas farmers market at Capel village hall

I don't talk about work so much any more

The Light Before Christmas (win a Wii)

Tour of the day - The Wedding Present

back stage

Got your new years eve tickets sorted?

I would avoid the "50% off sale" at Woolworths

Remember: Eurotunnel is not as good as you think it is going to be

Bumping into friends in London

RE: Thanks for chipping in on the site anyway - 11766

Folkestone is in Country Life this month

What bands would you like to see play Folkestone?

This page only gets responded to every few months, but I could run a poll on the home page if you're interested... Who should play Folkestone?

Thanks for this Chris, love this gig history

Lone Star Comedy, now with added German standup

Lone Star Comedy Club moves back to Lanterns in January!

Dad, did you say you were after a new phone?


Bar Below opening night Friday 14th November

A mighty wind

If you google for Kaddy Lee-Preston

Cure tickets

RE: Toft`s / gigs in 1969 - 11686

Non political news

David Starkey Friday

What a change!

The Sun Inn

A genuine celebretarian!

Josephine Butler campaigns in Folkestone

Wilde Flowers 1967

Obama vs McCain, battle of the t-shirts

Oasis tickets

sandy toksvig tickets


I might know of one ticket

I don't think there are any public webcams


creative support ofr Poppy Appeal

My family History

Lone Star Comedy Saturday 1st November

Great weekend (belated weeekend-o-blog)


Folkestone Literary Festival Brochure - OUT NOW!

A rare night out in London tonight

castle in the Air

Feeling the credit crunch in Folkestone? KCC apparently are

Mysterious young entrepreneur secures local support

My recent visit

Is it still the Three Mackerel?

Got my Folkestone Literary Festival tickets


Splendid weekend of comedy, food, double dinners, and everything


The Jackdaw, Denton


Rocket man lands in Dover today

Massive hen party descending on this week's Lone Star Comedy


Folkestone Literary Festival lineup out at last

Nice weekend

Susie Dent's coming to Folkestone

Folkestone Literary Festival 2008

Another odd looking Bergerac Oak table

It is about the Whole World Cafe in the Old high street

New top ten most popular restaurants in the area

AF&RM CAMRA says Gate 28 is reopening as a pizza restaurant

Over the top door staff

The only pub around with an indoor smoking area?

Escondido Sandgate / Folkestone closed until further notice :-(

Free art fun day at the Leas Cliff Hall, Thursday 11th September

Folkestone fringe

Opera Singer In Need Of Concert Venues

Lone Star Comedy returns on Saturday September 27th

Fighting Cocks on BBC Asian Network

Folkestone camera club


Sandbanks menu

Sandbanks Restaurant, The Pavilion, Wear Bay Road - Sat 23rd Aug

Opening 6th September


They are still the number one ranked local restaurant!

savour aroma

Little Switzerland Cafe and bar

Folkestone Fringe update, actually in time for the mailout this week!

This weekend's Folkestone Fringe events

RE: Vanished businesses - 11515

How did we miss this anniversary?

Tipping etiquette

Nice weekend, quiet weekend

Signature Brides, Hythe

AC/DC want YOU for their new video

Nice Thai food no longer

RE: Ricky Gervais in Folkestone - 11491


wedding that whent wrong 1970

Ricky Gervais in Folkestone

RE: Some old photos of Folkestone - 11475

The Pavilion Hotel

New shop in town

"if you haven't already had a peek, go up to the bayle and have a look at window, no 13 the bayle."

Sounds intriguing, something to do this weekend

Some old photos of Folkestone

Just too late for the weekly mailout (again) Folkestone Fringe

Got an email about the School of Art


Have a look at Amsterdam

New google walking directions (needs some work)

Sorry about the wonky phone numbers!

kent gigs

folkestone herald

Ceroc at Folkestone Pavilion


Ads on my google map

sandgate dolphin on youtube don t watch

Folkestone Firewor

Maybe the PHP 4 to 5 will go more smoothly than I thought...

Google mapping cars in Folkestone?

Prepare for php meltdown!

What's on here and across the Channel?

Lovely wedding!


Folkestone pub mapplet

Oo-oo-oo, we're going to the zoo-oo-oo

Boot Fair

Celestial Radio? Sounds like PIRATE RADIO!


If my own pictures are too dangerous and controversial for you

Cancelled Gig/Bad vibes

Stereophonics sales frenzy!

stereophonics again

New Cross Murder Map!

Zoo9 tickets!

Who will buy my Stereophonics tickets

Very cheap VIP tickets for Zoo Thousand!

Where can I find listings for Club NME Canterbury?

Please send me your listings

Folkestone Triennial

Is this who's bought the Metronome?

Did Sheep on Drugs support Gary Numan in Folkestone in 1996

Portchester weekender

Book a horse racing table? WHAT?

lydd club day - 60th anniversary

These guys rave about The India

They HEART Folkestone, I HEART Folkestone

Knowledge is hassle

Did you see Folkestone on TV last night?

Top ten best restaurants in the area

I don't even know anyone in London any more I could go to this with

the most glorious holiday destination in all England

Vegan skills at The Hermitage!

Pictures and a report from the Folkestone Triennial launch weekend

Famous people who have lived in Folkestone

An opportunity to learn @ the University Centre Folkestone for free!

Psst, wanna buy a Tracey Emin?

Folkestone Triennial kicks off today

Too boring

Are you down with OPP?

Leas Club / strip club

everything is json these days

Bullet train does London to Ashford in 32 minutes


The inaugural Folkestone Triennial is almost here!

St Tropez of culture

Folkestone Harbour Festival 2008

Folkestone Triennial: Tales of Time and Space

Great live music at The Good Intent, John Street, Rochester.

Three people selling Stereophonics Leas Cliff Hall tickets now

PHP 4 to 5 migration

Stereophonics at the Leas Cliff Hall on sale now!

Psst, wanna buy some Stereophonics tickets?

Turin Brakes play the Leas Cliff Hall in August, 08/08/08

Turin Brakes play the Leas Cliff Hall in August, 08/08/08

RE: events at the Hook and hatchet - 11287

events at the Hook and hatchet


Book online for Lone Star Comedy Club now

Vegan lasagne


A lovely offer from The Hermitage


What a lovely thought!

RE: Sadly disappointed with La Tavernetta - 11268

Never mind the KML

Lone Star Comedy moves to the Tower Theatre

University Centre Folkestone Open Day Saturday 10th May 2008, 10am - 3pm

Hibbett's Edinburgh festival show confirmed for The Medina

RE: Folkestone suicide tragedy - 11237

Folkestone suicide tragedy

RE: Folkestone double death plunge smash horror tragedy! - 11231

All holiday photos now here

Sunday lunch at the Hermitage

Great quiz at Chambers this bank holiday weekend

Folkestone t-shirt

Folkestone Boot Fair dates announced

Naked art

Yesterday's house hunt

want to learn spanish

Folkestone camera club update

jumbo gumbo

Thanks for the update

Glastonbury tickets back on sale?

Glastonbury pictures

Do you mean Roger De Haan?

BBQ For Our Society on 26 July

RE: Poor Jimmy Godden - 11164

Time Travel

Thanks for the message

Bizz-Art Exhibition at the Leas

Poor Jimmy Godden

leas cliff hall 1974

Folkestone camera club update


Heavy snow both ends

Folkestone camera clcub forthcoming events

RE: Anyone care to leave a message in English? - 11135


Plane crash latest and insider scoop, from your Kent correspondent


Fight at David Gray!

Mighty Easter weekender, with The Cure

RE: The New Inn, Etchinghill - 11102

The New Inn, Etchinghill

hi hopes dashed!!

Some market research for a new bar in town

trying to track down an old friend

Easter events at The Hermitage

Folkestone Central and Folkestone West to get high speed trains (but not Sandling)

The Long Blondes at the Amersham Arms

Great book, slight repost

Caffe Uno - bit poor

More Tales From The Tap Room, 99p

There you go, who says degrees are not worth the paper they're written on?

Great sounding gig coming up in Folkestone

boot fairs

Boo, pissed off

Caffe Uno to be rebranded as Brasserie Chez Gerard

Folkestone Harbour reef

Canterbury, but not house hunting

THE Brian Wilson?

Hey Jez - it's George (geordie

RE: Folkestone recycling - 11013

For a bit, for Canterbury

Kent for free sold out

looking for suitable venue in Folkestone

Gate 28

Crap Town!!


Hmm, what's that I smell?

now all we need is the date...

There are definitely glass and can recycling points at the supermarkets

Folkestone recycling

Local Recording/Rehearsal Studio!


Small world!

RE: Ride, Verve, Mercury Rev, and The Manics in Folkestone - 10939

Thanks for that, think it's the Metronome you mean

RE: Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday - 10936

Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday

The Ringlestone is brilliant.

RE: Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie - 10922

ice skating folkestone harbour

RE: Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie - 10923

the three mackeral

thanks for that Julie

"Sadly disappointed with La Tavernetta"

RE: Sadly disappointed with La Tavernetta - 10904

Flickr interactive adventure game

vince martin

[Crystal maze themed headline here]

the text entry box is just something I was trying out at work

Three Mackeral

RE: Plymouth Pavillion - 10865

lionel shell cool jazz trio

RE: Bella Pizza - 10854

The weather is still in full force

Buy it now, 175?

Today's walk around Canterbury

fruit veg

A whole load of hits suddenly for Sandgate Hotel / Gordon Ramsay searches...


Where we walked yesterday

Botolph's Bridge Inn.

RE: Whole lot of interesting detail there, though you do sound a bit bitter - 10809

RE: Graveyard - Bradstone Road? - 10814

Do you really think DeHaan has made any money on this yet?

Whole lot of interesting detail there, though you do sound a bit bitter

When will they learn?

Festive Fun

More funky art for sale on ebay

The day's started well

If a picture paints a thousand words...

Giant Dave Grohl

ezee tiger exhibition

Hell yeah, encouragement, that's what I need!

They are a bit good aren't they?

RE: Art exhibition on Hythe Road - 10763

burstin folkestone darts event

man and van needed today 12/12 or tommorow

That's Portofino they / you are on about

Magic Numbers every bit as good as I predicted

Hythe Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery night

Good evening back to you!

Rye Harbour

I can't find "The Last Golden Arrow"

Why park sensibly...

ezee tiger exhibition

Bouverie Place shopping centre opens this Monday

York (being the fourth part of my holiday)

Art exhibition on Hythe Road

Ajax landing page

not a church goer myself

Lots of antique shops in Sandgate

Particularly fulsome weekend, with curries.

About to move to Folkestone

Fullsome weekender

Oof, just deleted the whole site

Terry Jones tonight

Squirrel in St Eanswythe's churchyard

David Starkey in Folkestone

I'm with you, that market is trash!

market in town saturday

Short weekend

Did you see Michael Caine in Folkestone this week?

This week in Folkestone's gig history

Cheers for those

RE: Flamenco Club (Tontine St) - 10628

Good work Trish, here's your picture of the Pretty Things

Excellent Folkestone gig history history from Patricia Duke (nee Brown)

Double history

And a Folkestone property update

The Pretty Things in Folkestone

Splendid weekended

The Smiths and The Stone Roses, live in Folkestone!

It's 10pm, do you know where your children are?

Nearest Wagamama to Folkestone

Bless The Boot

Day of SPORT

Jaiku's joining Google

1980s soft rock

Folkestone history from "manky badger"

What no comments all week? Really?


Rock and Roll dancing?

"Caught By The Fuzz" for the "Who were Supergrass, Grandad?" generation

Folkestone Triennial website

Folkestone literary festival kicks off

Folkestone bullet train trial

Programming is a poetry for our time

Frank Skinner tonight

Lottery winner dumps sinner

An aggressive youth in a tracksuit, should not be hard to find...

Tracey Emin will be scattering childrens clothes around our town

Folkestone triennial


It's not the show that's on TV, he's just being interviewed

New bar in town

Tontine Street war memorial (for Tim Bryan)

What's happening to The Usual Suspects?

50 Mb broadband trial in Folkestone


RE: Yes, moved here (to Folkestone) full time back in April - 10498

M'lady's boudoir to close

This makes me sad Jenn!

Sadly disappointed with La Tavernetta

Train news

jquery is great

RE: On Folkestone is closing - 10453

xml namespaces in jquery

RE: Starbucks - bouverie place folkestone - 10451

Lambert & Weston

Rotunda / seafront masterplan starting to move ahead

On Folkestone is closing

It had to happen sooner or later

Ooh lightning strike!

It was mentioned in the Folkestone Herald this week

Starbucks - bouverie place folkestone

The sister-in-law's waters have just broken

It was mentioned in the Folkestone Herald this week

Who killed Dave the Dolphin?

Update from Tony King / Creative Eclectic

Cool bag

I'm not filtering google's own "local" info

High Speed Rail Link

Try and get a local paper

I found the sidebar stuff quite tricky actually

Great weekend

Reporting from the Lake District (being the fourth part of my two week holiday write up)

Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up)

Quiz action

Scrap the licence fee

I thought at first they were peasants who'd been caught trespassing

"Good news, there's a man with a saw now"

Hotspots created as Londoners flood in

Looking For Grandmother

history of Elham and Folkestone

SAGA and The AA to merge

Not washed away

Kent on track for a high-speed boom-Life & Style-Property-Investment-TimesOnline

Who sets their ebay auction to finish at 6pm on a Friday?

Two arrested for cruelty to Dave the Dolphin

Quite Interesting

Mods and rockers all over again

Good weekend

My sides!

RE: Let the coffee wars begin! - 10265


Folkestone Camera Club

Looks like Leeds might be safe for a while

I used to see Allan about once a year

I ain't afraid of no ghosts

Canterbury weekender

Lost dog

Ian Brown's coming to Folkestone

Hmm, freecycling

I got election

Megadeth tour dates

This quiz is getting less fun

I survived the Folkestone earthquake

Folkestone Quake t-shirts

A tour of our earthquake damage

Nurse, my sides!

Earthquake larks from Folkestone Freecyle

Boom shake the room!

RE: Boom shake the room! - 10167

Folkestone earthquake!

Sandgate Dolphin on YouTube: DON'T WATCH IT

Freecycling insanity

Folkestone celeb spotting

Passengers to be weighed before getting on trains

Motley Crue play Hammersmith

Wilkinsons moving into the old M&S building?

Disco ducks coming to Folkestone

Kings of quiz

Tim's Vinos and Tapas

Megadeth are coming to the LCH

Rocking out in Folkestone

Do you know the date of that gig?

Thankyou, and yes

Lovely day

Good weekend, to be sure

Do these look poisonous or what?

Folkestone before 1500

Sports centre "dead and buried"

Do we really have an "active occult community"..?

Fareham crack den

Arson in Folkestone!

Sleep easy families of South London

Farewell then The Metronome

Shepway District Council might be able to help you

Some shopping

Have a look out of my kitchen window

Let the coffee wars begin!

Instant Darkness collection

The going will be heavy

Mail bomber hits Folkestone

Yeah we had some snow today

Rabbits and finches

I'll have a look

Snow today

No snow here

Crash? What crash?


I was looking for a job, and then I found a job

RE: I don't know - 9947

Tour de France

Blood on the tracks

Magic darts

Picture of the new theatre / arts centre on Tontine Street:

The wrong kind of trees on the line

Folkestone Town Centre.

All information seems to be it will stop at both

It's more and more like Miami Vice round here every day

Folkestone gig history

One of our tanks is missing!

The story must have been deleted from the Independent

Councillor Shirley Newlands murdering We Three Kings

good managing agent in folkestone

Longboard marathon visits Folkestone

Disgraceful treatment at Earl Brownes

Merry Christmas

'Hope value' spurs Kent commuter housing market

Do you want my Dirty Pretty Things tickets?

Ripper indeed

Did you know Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson were staying in Sandgate?

Too much

My first ebay auction

Chik chik chik and Dirty Pretty Things


It's a deal

Thursday morning roundup

Peene Railway Museum

I thought things looked funny from the train last night

Missing cat!

Cable snappage at the lower leas coastal park!

Watching ebay

Lovely opium, get it while it's hot

Good weekend

Creative Players Panto

A Seaside Year launches in Folkestone

RE: An update from Timothy's Wine Bar - 9725


Sorry I know nothing of the history

Blog alerts

Quiet night in Folkestone

aha, maybe it was you

A journey into the unknown...

Someone left a message here before, saying they were at the gig

Dolphin Filming

Weekend roundup


RE: Fellenberg College, 4 Church Street, Folkestone - 9651

Fellenberg College, 4 Church Street, Folkestone

Yesterday's news

History in my day

John Peel in Folkestone

Good skaters vs bad skaters

RE: Rah, we took the quiz again - 9627

RE: Street Monkeys - 9625

Deadly dog flu!

yoinks, yes


Maidstone: GOOD

Monkeys on viagra

The Folkestone People's History Centre to hold 'Dig for History' event

Tim's Vinos and Tapas review (slight return)

Poor old Fareham

Now The Mirror has the story

Folkestone in the national media

Who is the "man gran"?


Who is the "man gran"?

Frenchman opening next week?

Leave Dave the dolphin alone!

More CAPTCHA fun

Folkestone spoon?

That does sound like a plan

RE: They look quite good to me - 9213

Aching again

An honest day's work!

Vanished businesses

Secret tunnels and smugglers

Radnor Club postcard

Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie

Feltonfleet School

The Executive Club / West Cliff Shades / The Happy Frenchman

The Crowe / Larken collection

'Incompetent' Home Office let Russian shoplifter go free | the Daily Mail

Folkestone on TV

Folkestone on popbitch

Folkestone dolphin t-shirts and website

An email, from Dave the Dolphin:

Folkestone skate park

Videos of Folkestone: SECRET TUNNELS!

That's nice to hear

Princess Nikki

The Sound Lounge?

Interesting Folkestone / Waterstones / Ottakars rumour

Where did summer go?

RE: Fizzing like a bottle of pop... - 9047

Costa Coffee coming to Folkestone

RE: Have you seen dolphins recently off Folkestone or Sandgate? - 9041

RE: Fizzing like a bottle of pop... - 9048

How am I letting this slip now I have *more* time on my hands..?


is the rotunda amusement park stall at folkestone ?

Fizzing like a bottle of pop...

Oh dear what's happened to the style then?

RE: Amphitheatre gigs - 9001 - News - RACE FOR TRAPPED DOLPHINS

BBC NEWS | England | Lorry fire closes Channel Tunnel

RE: Amphitheatre gigs - 8998

Sample Sandgate Hotel menu

I am here

Who tickets

Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths Around Folkestone!


To get gigs at the Amphitheatre

RE: The Sandgate Hotel, - 8909

Folkestone Road in Walthamstowe, *not* Folkestone

RE: Did you not take that picture then? - 8900

RE: Top 100 best popex players - 8882

RIP David Gemmell

Cheers but


Cheers, sounds good

I knew they'd played!

Weird traininess thing going on

Woo, good luck and well done

RE: Weird traininess thing going on - 8805

What happened?

The happy frenchman,christchurch

It's quite nicely put together anyway

Might as well jump

Busy bee

Who said all those circus school lessons were a waste of time?

Hot weekend

RE: Dolphins in Sandgate! - 8727

RE: Dolphins in Sandgate! - 8725

Oh no, that's good for Dover

Not much to say for a few days

ZZ blows his top


RE: Is there a Kent connection? - 8696

I nearly shivered

RE: Kirstie and Phil tip DOVER! - 8665

Drought, in the fields, the fighting's just begun...

Sorry if you had trouble registering

David Walliams, greased up in Folkestone

Is this the new Starbucks then?

Body washed up on Folkestone beach :-(

Sofa not so good

Grandma and Granddad and me!

RSS fun

We don't really go out any more

Folkestone for the Olympics

RE: The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link - 8620

RE: Including a change of trains - 8622

It's hard to tell

The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link


Web 2.0

Meat Rumpus!

Worst website ever!

Obligatory world cup post


Mr Howard has a new job

A burgeoning local film industry?

School's out for, ooh, a long time now

RE: Who are you? - 8549

Well at least it's good for the garden

Ah, Adam Rickitt didn't make it :-(

Another action packed weekender

No I don't

What I done on my weekend

Subvert the internets!

Same here, we were NOT under full sail

RE: Impressions of Tontine Street, a first visit to a new bar - 8444

RE: Day of new technology - 8439

Adam Rickitt aiming for Howard's seat, ooh

Arrr! Piratey adventure from Folkestone Harbour this weekend

No casino for Folkestone seafront

Iron Maiden / Spontaneous Human Combustion


You should add these to the calendar direct

Miami good

RE: chavestone - 8357




Telegraph | Property | The name's Bond - from the back of beyond

Oof, shooting in Cheriton!

Someone's been inside!

Google trends an t'ing

Trains and IPODs

Roger De Haan's plans for the town

Jane McDonald

The Jackdaw

Council want both D'Haan's plans AND Goddens?

So farewell then Paddy Cat

Another scorcher

RE: Did you get thrown out? - 8236

Ticket to Rye

Last thing we heard

RE: There's a high speed rail link on the way - 8220

Squirrel stamped to death and set on fire


Kirstie and Phil tip DOVER!

Firefox extension of the day

RE: Got one! - 8188

Got one!

I like this, and will repeat is as FACT

What am I, a scone?

RE: As one store closes... - 8170

The Kooks are coming to Folkestone

Starbucks delayed until July

Zutons tickets


Hmm, you could also try

This site is not affiliated with any venue

Tiring weekender...

Oof, bum arse service in The Jackdaw


Pretty hard to compete with what's out there, why reinvent the wheel?

Yeah as I say it was before I lived there

RE: It's another chain though - 8118

Ramsgate man planning to raise the Titanic

It's another chain though

I dream of dreaming

New bar at Pipers

Where starbucks lead, yo below will follow

Tofts pictures

RE: As one store closes... - 8093

It's good to be back, it's good to be back

RE: Is there already a casino? - 8086

RE: We get to vote, in today's Herald - 8080

Our council wants a casino on the Folkestone seafront?

Good to see

RE: As one store closes... - 8075

As one store closes...

A very telling slip up from The Times

Marks and Spencer definitely closing

Venice hoofs Folkestone out of the record books

RE: I think it's one of these young people - 8055

Well that's just not nice...

Six Feet Under

No go zone

Ice rink

RE: Folkestone Harbour - 8021

Stab death murderer flees to Folkestone

SOS Folkestone

I saw them! they look amazing!


Folkestone Harbour

Ride, Verve, Mercury Rev, and The Manics in Folkestone

best place to live in folkestone

RE: best place to live in folkestone - 7979

I live in the West End and would recommend there

Weddingtastic weekender

RE: Sunday Times takes the Orient Express - 7960

Folkestone Creative Players: Auditions for "Pal Joey"

Sunday Times takes the Orient Express

Fleetwood Mac & Tofts?

RE: Tofts did move - 7955

'Whole' seafront revamp planned

Heard any rumours about Jimi Hendrix playing anywhere else in the area?

Trivium review

Folkestone property prices kicking off!

Careful with that message board Eugene

Radiohead tickets

Just five more minutes

Fantastic news, cheers!

Jimi Hendrix 1966

A silver medal for Folkestone

Off to Twickenham today

Excellent news, cheers

Use less water, pay more money | This is Money

George Sassoon obit, hmm...

Happy St Patricks Day

Ferry godmother

Patrick McGuinness comes to the LCH

Look who's stalking now

Lonestar Comedy Club

All about vegans

Samuel Beckett in Folkestone

Down Street Underground Station

Down in the tube station at lunchtime

Ace weekend, but

RE: That could be quite amazing - 4770

Criminal Mischief!

Folkestone Gerald update

No longer for sale, those of you looking to purchase

Danke schon!

That could be quite amazing

RE: Sandgate Hotel is on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares tonight - 4727

RE: Good to have that info - 4730

Good to have that info

Lovely day today

Didn't Sandgate + Folkestone look nice on TV last night?

What a day to have forgot my camera and lost my phone

Too hungover to weblog yesterday

IPOD tie

Forbach Orchestra 15th April

Fareham makes the national news again

Abi Titmus


The Poor Boys Soul Band

What was I going to say?

No more videos for a while

BBC - Kent - Discover Kent - Beach Guide - Folkestone

Nazareth in 1973

Ooh yeah I got google chat today

RE: gay bars in folkestone kent - 4647

Yeah it says Sandgate in the piece though

Weekend report

RE: Guardian Unlimited | Weekend | Let's move to ... Folkestone, Kent - 4640

Ooh, The Guardian wrote about Folkestone

Lunch at the Jackdaw - slight return

Aha, found it now

I think I might need to get a bigger camera

Always nice to get a mention in the Times

Tag Everything!

Next Lone Star Comedy (and an explanation of the last one)


The Charlatans play Folkestone in May

Flipping Big Television

Word of the Day for Friday February 3, 2006

And the streets are safe once more

Folkestone Bandstand campaign wins award

A shooting in Folkestone!

Wife beating

Amy Winehouse 2004

And a clearer view

Aha, of course, just got about four Andy's checking in

The Ordinary Boys

More FOAF and that

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Creative Players do Robin Hood

Moody lighting

Oh, and the snooker

Now that's just mean

Still seeking more Folkestone gig history

Ride played in 1992

Manic Street Preachers 1994

Having a whale of a time

Cheers for chipping in

RE: Clarendon Inn - 4506

So why do we get stuck with...

I'm a morning person!!!!

Torrent Promotions

Lone Star Comedy


Is there not a login box over on the right there? -->

Squirrels and webcams

Folkestone property BOOM!

Folkestone Creative Quarter

Fitter, happier, more productive

RE: And two eyes made out of, er, sprouts - 4414

And two eyes made out of, er, sprouts

Compulsory water meters for Folkestone in the new year!

Parcel Farce

Folkestone underwater marine park

Charlie's Shed - New Year's Eve

Today was a good day


Billy Webb's Lament

Ooh, gmail web clips

What a result, cheers Roger, could you email me?

The Mighty Boosh

Folkestone property section live now

Got the first Darkness EP?

What are you doing Terry???

So what you doing for New Years Eve?

Providing some content for On Folkestone

RE: The Hat - 4225

RE: Marine Crescent - 4211

Spam Spam Spam

BBC - Kent Entertainment - Entertainment weblinks

RE: Marine Crescent - 4212

Folkestone's Titanic connection

A chilled and chilly weekend

Productivity ruined in our office

Thanks for that brief but useful comment...


the friend of a friend (foaf) project

Excellent work, cheers!

Folkestone under the hammer

Splendid weekender

More Javascript

Unfortunately not, the nearest one's probably Canterbury

Google Base

Roasted Tomatoes

Primal Scream slight return

Google Maps ?

Primal Scream definitely coming to Folkestone

Tres productive weekend

The Big Chris Barber Band vs Primal Scream


The Bufftings take London (again)

Marine Crescent

Up to my elbows in computer bits


New feature

Are they from Folkestone? Or playing in the area?

My own maps

Nice one Neil!

Blee, spew, etc

International Women's Rugby

Fallen Grounds play The Harp on Saturday

Bonfire night - anyone know what's going on?

Exciting things to do today

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Full steam ahead

Good luck

London Crawling

Shooting a film in Folkestone

Ladies, in their pants

Local news for today...

Lovely weekend, thanks for asking



Lone Star Comedy

Ace weekend

Real Estate Search

RE: Foyles War - 3927

Not a very relaxing weekend then

Los Angeles




Commuting news

Raleigh Chopper for sale

Comedy Club

So glad to be back...

A few years ago Folkestone was on its uppers

Wagamama is on Longmarket, near the Cathedral

Bank holiday WEEKENDER!

Ghost town

Ancient sweets in (groan) mint condition

Beer festival

Les Foos

Folkestone property prices booming!

Where's that then?

Not a strip club

Folkestone Cliff Railways


Decent places to get a coffee

Here's that Creative Players news in full

Ah, it was a soldier at Folkestone barracks

Lunch at the Jackdaw

deal of a life time ;P

Creative Players

We're BACK!


My last working day as a single man


Folkestone without the views and the faded grandeur

Folkestone in the London papers

Google news feeds

My last Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a single man

Backstreet heroes

If there are any features you particularly like


ONE THOUSAND new jobs coming to Folkestone!

I think I DO live in a desirable locale!

Kiss 2020

I don't suppose you could include anything too cunning in there

I aspire to a gold card, but I struggle to pay off my debts

Folkestone Arts

Google maps hacked smacked and whacked

Double channel crossings

The Bufftings take London

Double Lone Star Comedy

Folkestone property map


Folkestone Amphitheatre gig pictures

Return of the 'Grass

The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle

When commuting goes bad

Don't shoot!

Folkestone on TV

Lone Star Comedy

Grammar, we love you

Sorry to leave such a gap

Neroli gig

The elizabethan

London bombings

Howard what are you thinking of???

he haw he haw he haw

What a day of travels

The Metronome up for auction



Funeral for a QUIZ

Google Maps API

Satellite spy pictures of the UK

Folkestone Pubs

It's on there don't fret


Weather update

I need to hire a PA, someone please help

My gigography

MARVELLOUS weekend then

The Other Three Quarters

Google Map App

Interactive map of Folkestone

So The Quarter is gone then

Folkestone Geocache

So ebay's pulling the Live 8 tickets

How Eurotunnel went so wrong

NICE weekend

Google-maps hack WHACKED!

Two 14-year-old boys were arrested on suspicion of arson and grievous bodily harm

Lone Star Comedy for June

gig info - please add to listings

New Bluggcast

I did know that


Someone Likes Yoghurt

Someone Likes Yoghurt


Mushroom Magic

Reel Big Fish

Lone Star Comedy


Passenger's charter


re train journey times - 3424

Train Times

Hoodie ban

Rugby weekend

Pub golf

Restored to full health, and wealth, beside the sea

Customising Google Maps

A good word about Folkestone!

Folkestone train times

Shane Record

Just been on there a fair while



A day of successful interweb shopping

Outspoken Folkestone locals needed

Haha, cheers Jacob

Well maybe


The Bungalow

Reporting in...

OK Commuter

Did you know..?

Are you smoking what we're smoking?

The right carriage!

Google Maps

"When the rest of the track is finished in 2007 it will be possible to commute from St Pancras to Folkestone in 35 minutes"

On Folkestone

Rodney Hylton-Potts


Rodney Hylton-Potts

Lone Star Comedy

Folkestone Property Prices

Thursday: Day of disappointments

Relocation, Relocation


They can go high speed

BUT, it needs to get off to a start

Folkestone on the telly!

Folkestone Invicta Tragedy

Folkestone commute

Speed Dating @ La Vue

Doctor Doctor please

Traveller to stand against Howard

Tactical voting in Folkestone

wikipedia is to be made available as a DVD


Waterloo and shitty line more like

Folkestone in the news!

Ross Noble

High spec house reduced

Commuting, day two



Folkestone train times


A very moving experience

In defence of

Google ups the stakes again

Naughty boy!

Cheers for persevering there...


Easter beaster

Focus on Folkestone

Funeral for a Friend

Make Magazine

Local history

Der der der dur...

You got it!

Mellow Yellow

Footballers Wives

Desolation - a photoset on Flickr

Rubbish things

It's gone now


Please drive by carefully in our village

Oh my, back at last

Bad Curry

Snowed in


Doesn't the new Engineers album remind you of the Leas Cliff Hall?

Text alerts success

Phil Vickery


Let it snow let it snow let it snow

You've been framed

Best looking crowd ever

Beatle clash!


AC/DC 1976

IPOD crunch time

Farringdon: RUBBISH

Who was talking about Bloglines the other day?

If you buy one in France


Ooh, bit busy

No I was not looking for "paula"

You might have missed Cream in 1966

Sleepy weekend

Folkestone roundup

No weekend plans

Next step is to dig out some old pictures Les!

Google Video Search


Folkestone and Stokey in the same Guardian column?

Folkestone hotel

Folkestone Coach Hire

"Comedy fascist" eyes Folkestone

UK Radio Aid

High speed rail link confirmed (again)

A Bit Like A Duck

Drunk & Dangerous

Weak roundup

A bit of 'ush please

Folkestone on TV

Tofts did move

Thanks a lot Les, very helpful

Monkey Island for mobile phones?

Timothys wine bar


Folkestone scaffolding

Published! Again!

St Pancras to open in 2007

Expose Club

Expose Club = Penny Theatre

Merry Christmas

The Pogues - alright

Google Suggest



Maybe this is the sort of place I should have bought

Good to see there's some civilisation in Folkestone

Christmas day's the next quiz

Javascript crapola

I want your mushrooms. Where are they?



Sorry for not updating more often!

Kent Gigs

Manic Tuesday

Chambers Quiz

Rule Britannia

New Restaurant

Folkestone enthusiast

do u reckon

Murder in London Road

WiMAX trial in Folkestone!

Best place to be a parent

Find a property

Folkestone Pubs

Weekend update

rilly rilly rilly busy

Visions of sinking ships

gay bars in folkestone kent

iPod Download

Folkestone RestauRANTS

Shanel's Brasserie

Electric multiple units with a sexy front end

The day I found my flat

Folkestone, safest place in the country

Another restaurant we can't go back to


Eating chicken gives you cancer

Talk about mudflaps, my girl's got 'em

It's all fun and larks round our way

Yeah, you're right

Yahoo RSS

'stoney or stoners?

They were expecting the stick

Concerts and Rubbish

Splish Splash!

IPOD meets Bose

High Speed Rail Link


Re Rail Confusion and the curse of me - 2063

Ah man, I missed Kirstie...

"myself, I'm supposed to be an authority on agriculture and rural development"

Googlebot things

Return of the jeteye

Folkestone in The Times

How the music biz can live forever, get even richer, and be loved | The Register

Leather sleeve?

Motorhead 1987

Pub for sale

Elstow Lodge

BBC - Kent Places - 360 degree panoramas - Folkestone

Recycling - KCC Recycling Centres

Google and Microsoft, in a tree

New neighbours

No idea

Southcliff Hotel

The best day of the week?

Fareham wireless hotspots

Dressed for the occasion

Folkestone WiFi Hotspot #2

Folkestone Literary Festival

Folkestone WiFi Hotspots


Amphitheatre gigs

The Thrills

Bill Nighy's Pants

Goldie Lookin' update


London Buses

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I'm sure there are millions of them

Whopper of a weekend

Folkestone in The Guardian


Validation, that's what you need

A different journey in today

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Timothy's Wine Bar

Folkestone and District Family History Society

Timothy's Wine Bar

They give me the fear!


It's a funny old game

British Library Newspaper Library

Does Your Heart Go Boom?

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar - 1583

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar - 1578


Bonus day!

As one door closes...

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar - 1545

Big knobs

Love on the rocks with pilau rice

Wedding venues in Kent

Stoke Newington by the sea

RE: Having an Allotment - 1435

Kapetan Michales

Big weekend then

Half price curry

It's the first time I've experienced any trouble in London


Updates of the day

I don't know who it is

RE: Bite the bullet - 1094

Bite the bullet

Bite the bullet

Bite the bullet

If it's too loud...

Estate Agent Update

Daytripper, one way ticket yeah

Chambers Beer Festival

Bandwidth bother II

Fish 4 homes

Denim and Leather (but not actually leather)

Timothy's Wine Bar

Folkestone restaurant disappointment


Trains, tubes, and flats.

Gate 28

Trimming the Apache log

Bar 98

Goldie Lookin' Chain tour

Updated Folkestone gig history

A quarter of commuters have found love in the tube

It's been a week

Folkestone then and now

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar - 906

Folkestone, you have embarrassed yourself

Folkestone boudoir

Unusual U2 gig


No more 106

Fortean Times

Essential Suede

Bradford and Bingley

Bradford and Bingley



All Welsh, All Safe

You Knows It

You knows it!

You Knows It

RE: Earl's Avenue - 767

The Flat

Rail confusion and the curse of me

Goldie Lookin' Chain

The offer

Earls Avenue

Rail For Folkestone


RE: Darkness Tickets - 736

Flat viewings

Another tense day

H Wald and Co

Trains are not so good today...

Neal's Yard Salad Bar

Day of flat viewing

Fair Play Trophy

A weekend in Folkestone

9 bedroom house, 180k

Folkestone houses and flats we have shortlisted

Fell Reynolds

2 bedrooms, 150k

Miles Barr

New Darkness Gig

Weekend review

Datbase crash

Viewing a flat in Folkestone

Keep smoking Justin

I believe in a thing called *croak*

Fuzzy Artist Matching

Darkness cancellations

Homes Online

Keep the faith

RE: Darkness Tickets - 366

The things you see when you don't have your camera

Camera Obscura @ Kings Cross Water Rats

RE: Darkness Tickets - 283

Lock Stock


Darkness Tickets, buy or sell!

Doctor Doctor

Folkestone Weekender

Fig Cafe RIP



Monster cleanup

Life Savings


The Quarter

Folkestone weekender

Fig Cafe

Fig Cafe

Doing a deal...

Darkness Tour

It's the vinyl countdown

Darkness support Rolling Stones

Huge Kinesis Tour

Ian Brown Tour

The Stranglers @ Leas Cliff Hall

Suede @ Folkestone Metronome

Suede @ Folkestone Metronome


Samson @ Leas Cliff Hall