Blog2018 ≫ Bad experience at Luben

Bad for me, but mostly bad for the waitress I took it out on. Second time this has happened to us, we have ordered the kids meal deal, starter, pizza, and dessert, and they brought the starters and the pizza at the same time. Who wants this? No-one! Last time we said no this is not good, the starter is very hot, the pizza will be cold by the time we get to it what on earth is going on? They did the same this time, but this time (SARCASM GET READY) it was our fault. What we should understand - says the waitress to me - is that it's not a starter and people really want it at the same time as the meal. Why did you ask what we wanted to start then and why does it say "to start" on the menu? You do have some sense and you don't bring the dessert at the same time at least, but a) I'm right here and b) even if I wasn't I don't think you should be trying to make out that I am. I had to raise my voice to speak over her, and I shouldn't have done that, so lost the moral high ground. They took our pizzas away but just left them somewhere else so mine was dried out and I couldn't eat it all. Clare thought I was stubbornly making a point, maybe I was a bit, but it just wasn't good. If I'm cutting down on my bread right now I'm not doing to eat something unless it is just right.

Also last time they forget a part of our meal, and I think the kids pizzas are too small.

Sort it out. Or don't, not sure I will be back, even if you did refund the price of the adult pizzas.

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