Blog2008 ≫ Where we walked yesterday

Not very far, but if you click through you can track me yesterday. We got the bus to Canterbury and the GPS was turned off on the bus so the whole route isn't plotted, still playing about with my mapping. Just posted some photos of our walk to Capel the other day, they're all geotagged so I'll get them onto my own maps asap.


Was great to go back again, we even made our first steps towards looking at a house there today, so might do that next Saturday. Had lunch in Wagamama, though for the first time ever I wasn't that impressed. Noodles were a bit firm, but HEY, we had a VOUCHER, so one meal came free. [fg=Wagamama]Waggas[/fg] was very busy, everyone must have had a voucher.

The Dolphin was also busy, all the tables were taken except the one by the toilet, and (as nice a place as it is) that toilet does hum a bit, so we headed to Simple Simon's instead. This meant no game of Triv for Clare, but luckily in her weakened state she was in no position to argue, so I had a smashing pint of Old Peculiar in the old man-ish surroundings, with the fire roaring and everything.

Didn't buy much, didn't see anything exciting in the sales, and Clare was too ill to shop, she shouldn't have been out really.

Also went to the big new B & Q in Folkestone today too, which is huge and ace. I bought some cable ties, but in my mind I was buying stuff to operate the whole place by remote control.

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