Discount if you buy Dub Pistols tickets today

FG ≫ 2010 ≫ Discount if you buy Dub Pistols tickets today

Few bands can raise a roof or ignite a festival crowd with more rabblerousing aplomb than Dub Pistols. Playing at Quarterhouse this Friday, 29th October. They will be supported by the fantastic Canterbury-based legends Zoo For You. Check them out here.

Book you tickets now and get 10% off either Bad Manners on 15th December or Pama International on 17th December.

Or book for all three and get a massive 20% off!

Book Now! Tickets: 10 advance, book online or call 01303 858500 Comedy

Take advantage of these great offers for our top comedians this season.

Award-winning comedy performer and writer, and regular pannellist on BBC's Have I Got News For You and QI, Andy Hamilton joins us for an evening of jokes, stories, gossip, music, cash prizes, nudity and trampolining.....

Book your tickets now and get 10% off the fabulous Felix Dexter on 11th December.

Felix Dexter, critically acclaimed for his characters and performance on BBC 2's 'Bellamy's People' and the star of Radio 4's 'Down The Line', brings us his new hit stand-up show, Multiple Personalities In Order. Watch a clip of Felix in The Real McCoy here.

With so much comedy to choose from why not make use of our Autumn Comedy Offer, book for 3 or more shows listed and get 20% off!

Choose from Andy Hamilton, Greg Davies, Alun Cochrane and Felix Dexter.

Book Now! Tickets: 10 advance, book online or call 01303 858500

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