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Good call @blogibiza brilliant film

Who said there were no good films? Oh, me. Last night we watched Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel1, a comedy science fiction film about, uh time travel, and it was brilliant. Don't know how I missed this one, it really was good. Knew nothing about it except that @blogibiza mentioned it, was not expecting much, but it was really good.. British and funny, felt like Simon Pegg should have been involved. I am sure I had thought before "what genre should Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do next" after the zombie film and cop buddy movie, and I'm glad someone did. Starring Chris O'Dowd from IT Crowd and Dean Lennox Kelly from Shameless and Marc Wootton who I recognise from somewhere and Anna Faris who I don't know. Well recommended. Clare liked it too, this is a bit of a rarity for a film that I chose, but a bit of a fluke really.

Had a great day yesterday in Folkestone with my mum and dad. The boy was on very good form all day, we went to Chambers for a smashing lunch (stern looks from Clare when they were out of the Peri Peri Chicken for the second visit in a row) then a bit of a browse around town, then a coffee break and then home.

Nice to have a mostly free Sunday now our shopping gets delivered, but going round the in-laws to assess just how helpful I can be on moving day. I am confident about being able to reconnect all their TV's and so on, but I hear they have plans for me involving plumbing, not so sure about that.

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