Blog2005 ≫ Mushroom Magic

Double bill of mushrooms today, a WHOPPER of a wild bracket mushroom spotted right outside our flat for starters. Not actually eating starters, it doesn't look like it's an edible one to me, but I will go off, look it up and come back and change this post to make it look like I know what I'm on about if I'm wrong.

The other one is the huge frightening white cap mushrooms that are growing in my cupboard. Don't fret, I did plant them there, it's a little grow your own kit from the garden centre. They are edible, I hope, as I harvested some and had them on toast for breakfast this morning. They've been much slower growing than expected but when they started they were suddenly HUGE!

Got organised enough to listen to new stuff on the IPOD this morning. Gave Kiss Symphony1 a go, I thought it would be more classical and maybe we could walk down the aisle to I Was Made For Loving You or something, but no. It's still good, but it sounds like a regular KISS show with some cellos and things in the background. Also I listened to The Bluggcast2 in the proper way, via, and it was great.

Not a bad commute in from Folkestone today, we got a table (yesterday we had to settle for normal seats, which Clare doesn't like, so I had to put her in the overhead rack) and I slept a little. Some gimp's nokia phone kept going off though, if it was you TURN IT OFF BEFORE YOU GET IN THE SLEEPY CARRIAGE. The first carriage is the sleepy carriage btw, or any carriage where you see me, trying to sleep.

💬 mushrooms?! TUT

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