Blog2008 ≫ Glastonbury pictures

Thinking about Glastonbury, Mum asked at the weekend if we had any pictures of us there, bearing in mind we may never go again. And I thought LAWKS, no I don't! I found a few luckily, but they're rubbish, andn none that make it look like we're having a great time, none from the really sunny times in 1994 and 1995. Were you there with me? Do you have any pictures? Send them, please!


I think that's the Glastonbury of The Darkness and Radiohead (though why I'm remembering it that way as I'm sure we didn't watch much of Radiohead) which would make it 2003.

After a bit of research1 it seems that year REM and Suede also played, so not sure why I think of it as Radiohead's Glastonbury.

Quiet night in tonight, it's Jenny's birthday, so Clare's out with her and I am left in alone. We're all going out tonight for a meal, Escondido for the first time in ages, but tonight it's girls only. I will play on the computer, might try and work out some more of my gigography now I'm in the mood, and then watch some Spaced.

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