Blog2010 ≫ Weekend roundup

AS I mentioned, The boy and I did go to the beach, it was packed. We did not venture on to the sand itself, really just wanted a nice walk around in the sunshine. It was a very nice day indeed. Walked around the Harbour, there's always redevelopment of some sort going on down that way, but I was surprised to see a pub demolished. Wasn't one that I frequented (not that I frequent any pubs any more) but we had been in there once. Could not remember its name, it was not even on the 'Gerald, but then someone posted a link to these pictures, nice. Turns out i was called Jetty's Bar.

Walked back up the Old High Street, it's actually looking pretty rough these days there's not a lot open there. The arcade at the bottom has closed, this is a good thing, but we need a few open businesses to replace everything that's being closed. Went in Home Ground for a coffee, which was good. Someone came in to ask about the pirate party going on that night, sounds great! But the news was it had been canceled, licensing issues, not so great.

The Earl Grey is undergoing serious development, it's covered in scaffolding now, no idea if it's going to reopen as a pub or not though. Once you get out of the top of the Old High Street you're into a different kind of rough, the high street is just not nice, especially when the market is on.

See my pictures of the day so you know the places I'm on about, more details there too.

Watched and listened to a lot of Glastonbury over the weekend which was great. A bit too much crap pop maybe, certainly too much Florence Against The Machine goodness the BBC seem to love them and repeated bits of their set endlessly. Have decided we will try and go again in a couple of years, for my 40th birthday! When it comes to the day though I'm sure we'll have second thoughts...

Also watched the football, hmm. Only 438 days until the rugby world cup, come on England!

I mademy lego digger, it is ace.

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