Blog2005 ≫ IPOD crunch time

Got a step further with the IPOD that won't talk to the computer last night, but I fear it was a step to far... reinstalled the software on the disc that came with the player, and it's gone and formatted the flatmate's 'pod... I AM SO SORRY MAN!

Still, now it's reformated, there's no way it can't play with the computer is there? We ought to be able to try anything now! Except grinding it under my heel, I promise not to do that. Have plugged it into iTunes on another computer now (iMac iTunes is having nothing to do with either player, and the PC is rejecting just this one) and it looks like it's accepted and is updating with tunes... got to get it filled up with rubbish like Snow Patrol and Daniel Bummingfield so she doesn't notice that I ever broke it.

On the subject of other broken things, our central heating pilot light still keeps going out, our PS2 won't play the new disk of Angel, and I'm getting memory card errors on the camera. Sorted it on the 32MB card by formatting it, but the 256MB card is having none of it.

Not sure this post is boring enough yet, but there's nothing really to say about this morning's bus journey, and I've had no lunch yet to report in.

Oh yeah, royal wedding announced yesterday... If we're going to get another day's holiday then I'm all for it, but I guess it's not likely.

Off to Folkestone for the weekend, my Mum and Dad are visiting and we're off for another look round Lympne Castle and for dinner at La Bamba.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles to you.

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Fri Feb 11 2005

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