Blog2005 ≫ Published! Again!

Did I mention there's a Folkestone arts mag called The Quarter1, and they published a pub review of mine this month? They emailed to say they're printing the next one too, and can I do one every month. HOW COOL AM I? They will stop running them as soon as the temptation to abuse this position and grind axes becomes too much. It's got a circulation of 2000 in Folkestone, not as many as $OLD OUT in it's hay day, but still...

Seems Google have changed their site around a bit, my favelet just failed. To submit a site to them now you need this:


Second capuccino of the day, the first one curdled, BLEE. Always does that if I make coffee with soya milk at home, but it never does with tea.

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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