FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Sugarmilk

I saw [Sugarmilk](" title="A local band for local people) on Saturday night at The Happy Frenchman, and wasn't really impressed. The singer's got quite a strong voice in the karaoke fake emotional style, and the band can play OK, but there was something annoying about them. The soundcheck going on too long and being too intrusive was annoying, the shout outs to the crowd were annoying (it's not Vegas), and some of the material was annoying. It's hard to review (or even care about) a covers band really, particularly when they do songs that there's no merit in covering really like Song 2 and Smells Like Teen Spirit. About three songs in things looked UP when they announced a song hilariously called "Every time you come you'll see my face you bitch", and it was actually quite good, but then we got back to the covers again.

When they played My Generation I'm SURE it was introduced as being by The Beatles, is this some clever in joke that we have missed?

Anyway, wouldn't rush to see them again.

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