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Got home yesterday to find a new front door being fitted, it's amazing what you miss when you don't go to any of the residents meetings. So firstly, we have the inconvenience of only getting one key with this door, and new ones are fifteen pounds each, bah. Secondly, in a fit of security consciousness one of the neighbours double locked the door, so when Clare was running for her train this morning she SLAMMED into the front door. Well, metaphorically anyway, she didn't actually hit the door but it slowed her right down as she was wekk and truly locked in, had to phone up for me, and I had to run down with the only key. In my pants.

Got to have a word with the neighbour, no-one can lock that door like that, in case there's a fire. Reminds me of the time in Stokey when I got locked in the hallway all afternoon, I must have blogged it, yes there it is.

Here is the new front door:

Ooh, new feature, now getting comments on a picture direct from, if I've posted one of my pictures that is hosted on flick. See those comments just above this paragraph. They'll be updated automatically when someone inevitably adds an obscene comment to that picture... Now if only I could get notes for a picture too.

UPDATE: Removed this from the main blog page but if you click through you get the full effect.

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