Blog2006 ≫ Meat Rumpus!

We don't seem to get nice gentle tales like this12 in our local paper, it's 90% council issues and 10% drink driving round our way, bah. Still [fg=Folkestone Herald]The Herald[/fg] is out again today, and I'll buy it again today, got to keep up with the latest news on the town... Haven't heard anything about Starbucks moving in for a while, I hope that's still on.

Notice it's getting colder and darker? We're heading towards winter again, yesterday was the longest day of the year, how did that happen?

Looking forward to the weekend... and what am I going to do with my weekend? (Hopefully) NOTHING! HA! Clare wants me to get a haircut, and I do need to really, but I dislike going [em]so[/em] much that I'm going to leave it a bit longer... Got to take the new and old computers apart this weekend and put the big disk from the old one into the new one, but apart from that, nothing, no trips out, no visiting, a bit of time to just mong about and relax.

I searched for "Meat Rumpus" on Amazon just to see what would come up, and top result is Fight Club, how odd.

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