Blog2009 ≫ Surveillance society

\"hilarious\" picture, and brief details of moi weekend in Exeter, you knows it...

Bad Google street view, you can't be monitoring us the whole time! I'm glad people with the moral fibre of the Evening Standard are standing up to Google.

I went to Paddington at the weekend. It wasn't my destination, just a stop off on my way to Exeter. Had a fabulous time, hectic flying visit for Nic P's 35th birthday. We went to see the Goldie Lookin' Chain at Exeter Cavern and they were surprisingly good, all the new material sounded good to me. Obviously it's much of the same, if you didn't like them before, you won't like them now. We also went drinking, and even to a nightclub Exeter Timepiece1. At our age!

Great to catch up with my friends who I just about get to see once a year now. Took a few snaps, didn't take the camera out to the gig though.

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