Blog2006 ≫ Tag Everything!

Itchypaws1 tells me about upcoming.org2 (dur, not like I originally said), it's like a worldwide, but more smoothly implemented... upload your event (a gig, a game, a meeting to discuss what Sol Campbells real story is) and other people can like see it and stuff. It's how myspace events should be.

Hmm, maybe it's time I included more folksonomicals on this site - if I can rewrite everything to be taggedupable like and the like, maybe Yahoo will buy me! I'm getting on to it right now. I think I also have to change my URLs to be just and - having that www. at the beginning is just SO Web1.03.

Lovely weekend thanks, rearranged the lounge ready for fitting in our new TV. Everything has turned ninety degrees clockwise really, except the fire, which is embedded in the wall. It's like living in a whole new flat!

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