FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Bad Curry

Went to Eastern Nights on Saturday evening, at the top of the Old High Street for a curry, as it had been recommended. Normally in Folkestone we'd go to The New Delhi, and it's always good, but OH NO, I had to speak up and insist we try something new this weekend...

We've tried to visit once before, and found it CLOSED on a Saturday evening, what's that all about? Seems they close early (10pm), maybe because it's still not a nice part of town to be in around closing time. Did I just mess up my chance of this review featuring in The Quarter? Anyway, this time we arrived in a timely fashion, and got a table without booking. First impressions are that the venue's a little stark, too brightly lit (like both the other curry houses in town I've been to), and at 7.15 there are no other customers in the place... The other feeling is that this is an old fashioned curry house, though I can't quite put my finger on why. Partly it's the presence of a load of non indian dishes on the menu (steaks and things, all listed in French). Not many curry houses feature beef on their menu I don't think, this also felt odd.

Medium range of drinks, though small servings by default of both the beer and the wine, so they're confident we'll enjoy without being too tipsy. More customers arrive, as do our popadoms, but Clare spies dust on them, have they been on the floor? Can't be sure, seems alright to me, and the chutneys are pretty good - chili, lime, and mango.

The venue seems to be recommended by http://www.vegetarianvisitor.co.uk (never heard of them before) though the only vege main dish was the biriani, unless there was a secret vege only menu that I missed. I settled for 3 sides. They were OK, though not really spicy or that interestingly flavoured. Clare's chicken was OK, though it had to go back to be reheated.

I'd not go back again, what a shame.

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