Blog2004 ≫ Who says there's no money in Folkestone?

A friend just pointed out this1 is for sale in the area2... Buyer collects, return not accepted, apparently. Bit of a short post, so I'll pad it out with a bread recipe from the same friend:

Heres a recipe for oaty bread - it's a good hearty bread that is delicious and moist and sweet and will give you OAT POWER 1/2 lb wheat flour 1/2 lb porridge oats pinch salt 1 tsp dried yeast

Put yeast in a pint container with 3/4 pint warm water and a spoon of sugar, wait for it to foam (20 mins)

In a clean sink, put a mixing bowl and throw ingredients in that, mix in yeasty foam water (doesnt it smell good?), knead into dough

take out bowl, put a floured board in the sink and knead bread on it for a bit

put kneaded bread somewhere warm to rise (handy hint, don't fart about with loaf tins)

When loaf is about three times bigger (possibly making a hissing sound) shove into hot oven.

BARLEY BREAD - swap oats for barley flour - it makes a sticky dense filling loaf.

Aren't recipes BRILLIANT?

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