Blog2006 ≫ Six Feet Under

Searching for [fg=news]Folkestone news[/fg] I found this story about a guy who got drunk and woke up in Africa1, a bit sensationalised, it was Tunisia rather than the wilds somewhere, but it looks like he might have been from Folkestone.

Anyway, point is, that's not a very nice caption underneath his picture...

It's as bad as yesterday's evening standard, which had a huge "SIX FEET UNDER" banner across the front page news that something had got a hold of Gene Pitney's heart.

Squirrel news: Some old dear has kicked off in a bank2, in protest at Abbey using a grey squirrel, instead of a ginger one.

Train ten minutes late last night, so our curry making was in a proper hurry, was very good, if a bit hotter than normal. The Dahl I made at the weekend was nice, but too dry, I didn't keep nearly enough water in, I will try again. I think it needs more oil too to be anything like a restaurant dahl, but that's starting to make it a bit unhealthy...

Computer at home appears to be bummed, won't boot up, that's not good!

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