Charity quiz at Googies this Friday (April 1st)

FG ≫ 2011 ≫ Charity quiz at Googies this Friday (April 1st)

Dear ATU Supporter,

You are invited to attend a fundraising event for a Portacabin for season 2 of the East Cliff Roman Villa excavation to be held this Friday 1st April from 7pm at Googies Art Cafe, 15 Rendevous Street, Folkestone CT20 1EY. There will be a quiz and raffle prizes to be won!



Portacabin for East Cliff excavation site

Though last year's excavations were very successful, with over 200 volunteers taking part and about 2,500 visitors, it has been felt that more shelter would enhance the experience for everyone involved. Last year a gazebo and tent were used for a short time but proved inadequate on such an exposed site as well as of course being insecure and so not suitable for overnight storage. It is therefore considered that a portable building would be more suitable and amongst other uses, would provide a space for visitors to look at finds and printed material and find out more about the site.

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