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Hi There,

My partner and I went to the Drum inn today for lunch as we love the pub and location.

We looked at the menu on the wall and asked about the soup of the day, which was tomato. I asked the barperson if the soup was freshly made, which she didn't know, she just said the chef makes it up, so I asked is it tinned and she replied no. So we both ordered the soup, i then ordered their Lambs Liver and Bacon and my partner had the Snapper.

When the soup came to us, it looked awful. We had a baguette which was cooked from froazen, then halved for us both. I started to taste the soup and immediately realised it was powdered soup as there were lumps congealed at the bottom of the bowl. I approached the barperson and she said she'll take it off the bill, so we waited another 30 minutes for our food to come through. We were not impressed at all with the soup as they were charging 4 each for this.

When our food arrived, my mash potato was transparent and very unappealing to look at, i wnt to cut into a peice of liver and blooc come out of it. My partenr's snapper was dried up and again looked awful.

I approached Landlord who did not seem very concerned and just said what's wrong with it in a tone that did not show any level of customer service. I informed him the liver had blood coming from it and he went over to look for himself, saw it and said nothing.

I paid for my two drinks and suggested he sack his chef otherwise he'll end up loosing a lot of money. his comment was he's just taken over the pub.

This is really sad as this pub is so nice and to have someone running it with this approachreally lets kent down.

I would never go back to this pub again even to drink.


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