Blog2007 ≫ Ooh lightning strike!

No trains from Folkestone for the forseeable, because of a lighting strike over night, we do get all the action here don't we. They can't put on any replacement busses until after the school run as they're all in use. I'm getting a lift in today so I'm fine, but Clare is sat in taxi queue trying to get to Trashford, where there are trains. Can you believe it takes an hour to get from here to there by bus12?

UPDATE: from the BBC. It's really booting down with rain now here, and I have to walk to the station, and I have no coat. Bah. I'm sure I wrote more old man whinging about the weather this morning before I came into work, must have forgotten to hit the send button. I did an hour's work on my new local venue info page, sped up the processing, might stop the site erroring quite so much...

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