Blog2018 ≫ Boot fair plan foiled

Clare is up and off to her pump class this morning despite the very late return last night, so I hatched a plan. We take her to the class, then go to the boot fair, then pick her up again after for lunch and things. BUT, forgot, Sainsbury's are coming any time now so we have to be here for that. Boot fair plan was not popular with the boys anyway.

This afternoon we're going to see the sandcastle competition and then there is some kind of half-arsed cut down version of the air show. There's a WWII plane fly past and the Red Arrows will also be flying past, but it's not like the shows of old. We actually saw two Spitfires and something like a Lancaster yesterday flying in formation, I think it will be the same again.

We're doing lunch or dinner in Luben too, what a treat.

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