Blog2006 ≫ Another scorcher

Maybe it's the nice weather, but every day this week I've not been able to sleep properly, not at night, and not on the train, bah.

Plans for the weekend? I'm looking forward to a visit from the family, taking them to Escondido for lunch and then out in Hythe in the evening.

Folkestone's the seventh best UK holiday resort apparently.

Might take my IPOD apart any day now, battery life is down to about forty minutes or so! It is rather old I suppose. Maplins1 (not the ones from Hi-De-Hi) have replacement batteries from under a tenner, and one for mine for fifteen2. Look out though:

This battery is supplied with fully illustrated instructions and two special tools used to aid the removal of the iPod cover. Replacing the battery will invalidate any warranty and is quite tricky and Maplin Electronics cannot accept any liability for damage caused during this process. If you are in any doubt please use Apple's "Out of Warranty Battery Replacement" service (about 86 at time of going to press). This 600mAh battery has 50% higher capacity than the original battery so will give you much longer playing times between charges.

Have a great weekend, especially if you're going anywhere near the giant elephant3.

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