Blog2004 ≫ Feedback!

Email about the site! From someone I don't know! This from Mystified fellow N16er:

I become more and more intrigued by the day as to where you get all your money from, you can't be that loaded based on the value of the place you've just bought in Folkstone and Manor Road isn't A1 N16 but everyday sees a new tangible purchased, a nice meal out or a huge booze up.

Today's purchases so far: a lentil pasty, a "sos roll", and a bottle of Purdeys. Another meeting just now, about the general state of affairs, resulting in a free coffee. Today's huge booze up will commence at Chambers at about 9pm, where I will be consuming literally several beers, probably London Pride, and possibly attempting to distribute some copies of The Fly. Tomorrow's tangible will be a new lock for the front door of the flat, as I've not had the spare keys back from the vendor... If I get down there and find she's been in there...

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