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Is tonight's Darkness gig still on?

Still no confirmation as to whether tonight's Darkness gig is still on or not (after Liverpool, Folkestone and Portsmouth were all postponed), but I could do with it being put off for a bit... Saw AC/DC last night, also at Hammersmith Odeon / Apollo, and I'm not sure there's enough room in one week for that much ROCK.

Rumours about the venue now being a higher capacity than Brixton Academy are very hard to believe, it certainly feels smaller. The sloping of the floor is the same, if not steeper, so everyone gets a good view... this mattered NONE to us, as we got right down the front. Normally I'd feel too old for such behaviour, but not in a crowd of AC/DC fans.

Fantastic gig, 14/10, extra points for the four shitting great cannons that they fired into the crowd... My ears are still ringing, please don't make me go out again tonight.

If it's still on, see you down the front... Stay tuned to the Official Site1 to find out for sure...


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