Nice big property!

FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Nice big property!

9 bedrooms for 450k1... oh, and a bar, restaurant, etc... on Marine Parade.

The two bedroom flat on Earls Avenue I've been watching has just been reduced by 10k! Was priced significantly higher than my own flat of similar description, but I hope it's not indicative of a general fall in the area...

10k: Ten km, just over six miles to you. Sometimes talking about 10,000 steps though, an arbitrary daily step count target.

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This is my site The 'Gerald that I built in a frenzy of enthusiasm when I first moved here sometime in '04. I had been a regular visitor for a while before that so I am technically one of those DFLs you get nowadays. The site was updated more frequently with a calendar of events and voting for favourite places and things, + I hear it was a handy resource for those who were thinking of moving to the area. Now I've moved out of Folkestone again (though just a couple of miles) it doesn't get as much love as it used to. Ironic really as Folkestone itself is becoming the exciting place we always thought it was about to become. I am not Gerald BTW, this comes from a pretend paper in an episode of Brasseye or something, the Portsmouth Gerald, + how there is a local newspaper here called the Folkestone Herald. Puns like this are GRATE aren't they? Do contact me if you have anything to contribute, email anythign @ this domain, or try @folkestone or @pauly on the twitter.