Ooh see me in the paper (possibly)

FG ≫ 2012 ≫ Ooh see me in the paper (possibly)

We did a new quiz last night, in place of our regular Wednesday quiz at The Britannia. This was a charity fundraiser organised by the Rotary Club that Clare's uncle is a member of. It was at The Grand, and huge, about 50 teams in, so we weren't expecting much. But we came joint second, so won a prize of four bottles of wine. Had to go up to the front to collect, be presented with the wine, and have my photo taken too. Maybe it's for the Rotarians newsletter, but if it's a slow week I expect we'll be in the Folkestone Herald too. Actually it's always a slow news week around here, what I mean is if they have less than a certain number of drink drivers to fill the paper with, maybe they'll find room for a mention of the Rotary Club quiz.

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