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Apart from Chambers Beer Festival and Kapetan Michales (reviewed and to be reviewed on Folkestone RestauRANTS, this weekend I also enjoyed a walk from Folkestone to Hythe via Sandgate, mostly along the sea front, there's something you don't get in Stokey... lots of interesting houses and other buildings on the way, stopped in a couple of nice pubs, and saw some lovely squirrels, photos to follow...

We also had a trip out to Dungeness - it's a crazy place, a bit spooky, it seems like a big american desert community, like Roswell or something. There are some fascinating houses around there, and a real feeling of space. There's a big lighthouse, a miniature railway that runs all the way to Hythe, and obviously a massive nuclear power station. More details at dungeness.com1, next time we go there we'll get the little steam train there from Hythe.

We had a TURD of a meal on the way to Dungeness, somewhere in Romney Marsh (though there is confusingly a pub of the same name in Dymchurch, have to get this right), will find out the name of the place, and attempt to do it proper injustice with a review.

As I say, pictures to follow, got to run now.

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