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A very satisfying and self sufficient weekend, off to a secret woodland location to hunt for wild mushrooms. I was expecting a nice walk, an empty basket, and a pub lunch, but no! In about four hours of tramping we managed to bag a brace of chanterelles, several boletes, half a basket of "wood hedgehogs", and a lone Cep (AKA porcini). This was the prize of our expedition leader Dom, and it was quite a mighty specemin. We'd optimistically packed the Trangia, oil, garlic and herbs, so we cooked them up there and then, a fantastic vege feast, very Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall. We're off again in a couple, but I can't tell you where in case you harvest them first. Hmm, were we harvesting or were we scrumping?

Saturday night we thought we'd try Shanel's Brasserie again, out of a sense of supporting a new restaurant in the area, but they were fully booked. A good sign, our work here is done, for now. There's a new wine bar opening up a couple of doors along from Timothy's Wine Bar, and possibly another new venture in town as Mustang's is up for sale, 70k for a ten year lease. Maybe following Lanterns recent coup of getting Biffy Clyro in, the could expand into it, make some kind of super venue?

Went to Gate 28 in the end, pleasant enough but yet again their only draught beer was off. Today was sleepy for me but energetic for Clare, she went horseriding with Dean, his birthday treat.

Our sea view is now much improved, possibly by Michael Howard. He was outside our house last Friday, opening a new care home just across the street, and at about the same time a slightly crabby tree that was obscuring our view of the sea was cut down. Nice one Mike!

Saw the tackiest boy racer accoutrement ever last week - revolving hubcaps, so the car looks like it's wheels are spinning away while at a standstill. If these are yours, be ashamed, be very ashamed.

Turtuous journey home, diverted to Victoria, so 73ed it. Very slow.

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