Blog2004 ≫ Bank holiday WEEKENDER!

Got my first network alert popup today, as I left the wlan bit turned on on the Pocket PC... 243 moving too fast to investigate, though the network name was the full street address so it won't be hard to find again...

Popped in to Chambers beer fest Friday, not busy at all, either the presence of sicknote blues, or a lack of publicity... What, didn't everyone read about it here? Had a couple of pints and they must have gone to our heads as we then decided to go to .Wards where it was quiet and we could chat. Woken in the night again by a fox triggering the security light, and then at about 9 by a chapter of hell's angels. Or so it sounded, was just the neighbour's ancient petrol motor. Sausage sammidges for breakfast and then off to pick up my new toy, a Raleigh Chopper. It's red, it's shiny, and it's far too small for an adult and I look a bit of a wanker on it i'm sure, but it's quite fun on flat ground, wouldn't fancy it up a hill. The new twist grip gears are far more sensible, though I'm having trouble adjusting the two part saddle.

Monged round Canterbury in the afternoon, then headed to Shanel's Brasserie for dinner, review to follow. Everyone wussed out sick of a proper night out on the large, just one slightly off pint of Bass in The Clifton and then home. This was the only point when I missed the reading festival.

Sunday we made more of the day goi to goodnestone gardens, an HHA member, then back to do the beer festival proper. They'd run out of most things by this point so i'm guessing it was a success, though it still wasn't busy.

Oh, and the mice are back.

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