Blog2011 ≫ Not sleeping

He fell asleep on the way home from the shops and now will not nap. Plus, local Folkestone news update...

He's fine at night, but right at this minute, when he's meant to be mid nap I can hear him singing and shouting. My fault, we went out this morning, and on the way home I did not notice he'd fallen asleep in the car. As soon as I did I tried to wake him, but I was driving, and just couldn't. So I carried him in still asleep and put him in bed, but as soon as his head hit the pillow he woke up. Surely that's the wrong way round? I've had about forty minutes of him shouting and singing so I just took him some warm milk, and I hope that will do the trick. Time to get up for lunch soon!

Did not sleep well myself, not sure what woke me up so early, but CLARE'S SNORING stopped me going back to sleep. She has a bit of a cold, and so does the boy.

Bought the local paper for the first time in ages to see if there's any info on that murder the other day. It was Marine Terrace rather than Marine Crescent as I first thought. That seems to be all temporary accomodation down there, not the best street in Folkestone. It was teenagers, from Afghanistan. Most of those involved are "unaccompanied minors" in local authority care.

There's a brief interview in the paper with Harold Toft, founder of Toft's, a legendary Folkestone venue. It only covers it's use as a ballroom dancing school in this issue though, no mention of it playing host to Jimi Hendrix and Cream and so on, bah. I guess they will spin this out for weeks though.

The milk seems to have done the trick, he's gone quiet. Back to cleaning the windows, very quietly.

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