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Very nice weekend, figured out how to do all the "manual" features on the camera, so can do black and white and things like that with it. Got a bundle of great snaps of the nephews and the rest of the family, which I might even get printed out. Went to a cousin's thirtieth birthday party at Portsmouth Rugby Club1, and it was great. Clare and I are going to join up as associate members so that we seem like active and sporty people, and also so as to be able to get tickets for internationals.

Probable highlight of the weekend for me was eating several apple pies made by Mum, using some vegan friendly pastry, they were fantastic. Dad had a bit of a result at the Titanic Convention he went to, meeting up with the guy who won the auction for cousin Charles' wedding invitation, more on our family tree board...

Thought long and hard about the flat all weekend, and have decided to just progress with it with fingers crossed. I think property prices have still got a way to go up in that area, and if I miss this one it'll be a while before we find something that we like as much. Going to have to get the place carpetted, and I'm not keen on compromise at the best of times, but there you go. In other property news went to see the bungalow, they want to bung a low roof on that a bit quick, the new roof joists are there in the proper dormer shape, but with no actual roof there (only tarpaulin)'s it was making a hell of a racket in the wind.

Couple of nasty bursts of rain this weekend, but none got into the flat, now the roof and gutter are fixed.

Looking forward to our long weekend in Folkestone enormously, shame we won't be in the flat.

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