Blog2009 ≫ Had a great valentines day

Lunch, fine #wine, new table, and maybe a new car.

Had a really good day yesterday, just lovely from start to end. Fully got away with not buying a valentines card (I really don't like cards) by coming up with roses, chocolates, and a stethoscope. Not a traditional valentines gift, but Clare had been wondering if there was a way she could hear the baby's heartbeat like when the midwife visits. As it turns out it's a lot harder than you'd think, I struggle to hear my own heartbeat, but we will persevere. Clare had made me some vegan truffles, and properly splashed out on a bottle of Peter Lehman Stonewell 2002 Barossa Shiraz1. Been intrigued by this since we bought some for Dom for his birthday or christmas, and now I get to have my own try of it.

Borrowed the car and headed to Cheriton to pick up by ebay winnings, that table I mentioned.


It's brilliant, very pleased with it for a spur of the moment buy. It was even bigger than I'd thought, so had to take it home again before we headed out for the rest of the day, which was handy because then we remembered we'd forgotten to put the buggy in. Probably we will be more mindful when there is a baby in the buggy. Decided to take this out with us as we were off to look at cars. As we can't find many Fusions we thought we'd try a Fiesta for size, see if we can get the buggy in the boot. The smaller the car we get, the more likely Clare is to drive it, and so that's more opportunities where I can (say) have a plum wine when we do Wagamamas for lunch. Found a Fiesta in Sandgate, buggy fits, car looks good, going back for a test drive today and might well buy it. Quite a bit cheaper than a Fusion too, so that's money left over for a new stereo...

Went to to Canterbury, some light shopping and an early lunch in Wagamama. We don't go there all the time, haven't been for about a month I think. Some more shopping, got some musical toys for the baby:


The plan is we play the music at bedtime now and then when he's born he'll associate that music with going to bed, or something. Cute anyway. We went specifically for a toy from this range, and then found they were half price as they're discontinued, so we bought two! Winnie the Pooh was gone, but these are great and play the tune we wanted. We were thinking of buying two anyway, so we have one as a spare in case the first one breaks and baby can't sleep without that tune...

Got the groceries out of the way too, and home to watch the rugby. Better game, worse result, ah well. Ate the rest of the evening, and watched Taggart and Bill Bailey. Clare had her weekly small glass of that wine, and I had the rest, it was fabulous. I tried to keep some for today but it didn't quite work out. Ah well, maybe try it again next year...

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