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GLC + Darkness Review

Putting on a varied bill, is it a good thing or not? I was quite entertained by pop acts being thrown onto the Reading Bill, seeing Kevin Rowland in a neglige, was a particular treat. I've even seen the Manic Street Preachers, so I've seen some bad crowd reactions in my time, but I don't think I've seen such a rejection from an audience as the Goldie Lookin' Chain received this weekend. The crowd were jeering and throwing stuff etc, but it was the air of "we don't know what it is, so we hate it" that annoyed me the most. No-one got it at all, and no-one was prepared to give them a chance... this was Folkestone's loss, and when the GLC return, as heroes, as they hopefully will, everyone in that crowd will claim they loved it. I can hear the tide turning already.

This situation was probably to be expected, it's unfair on your average young metal fan of The Darkness to take someone from a different genre out on tour with them, no-one expected this to be any sort of variety show. If I was more paranoid I'd think someone resented doing those gigs (this was rescheduled from a time when The Darkness weren't the biggest band in the world) and so put The Beastie Boyos out first to say a big "fuck you" to the crowd. If I was less of a Darkness fan I'd say "novelty band supports novelty band", but hopefully it's neither of those, it's that someone in charge likes the GLC as much as I do and thought it would be fun, but it's fair to say Folkestone weren't ready for them. I wonder if they had any easier a time at Portsmouth?

The Darkness were good also, no outing of the Christmas single, but all the hits, much play with the crowd, an impromptu walkabout in the crowd on someone's shoulders, and the traditionally delightful costumes. The "dipped in glue and chased through Anne Summers" look is very you Justin. Odd to see Vic Reeves in the audience, I thought only London gigs had celebrity attendance.

Anyway, here's a picture of The Chain on stage. I'm too cross to write a proper review. If you can see your fingers here, be ashamed, be very ashamed.

GLC Folkestone

Hmm, now I think of it, The Darkness didn't get such a dissimilar reaction from a generous proportion of the crowd when they supported Def Leppard... what goes around comes around.

💬 The Darkness

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