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MJ Hibbett is off to the Fringe again

MJ Hibbett is hitting the Edinburgh Fringe again!

Dinosaur Planet

Performance Dates:

Tuesday July 21 2009, 8pm

The Wilmington Arms, 69 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RL

Press Launch, with Chris T-T1's Improvised Piano Recital

5.00 admittance

Friday August 7 2009, 7pm

Saturday August 8 2009, 7pm

Sunday August 9 2009, 7pm

Monday August 10 2009, 7pm

Wednesday August 12 2009, 7pm

Thursday August 13 2009, 7pm

Friday August 14 2009, 3.30pm

Saturday August 15 2009, 3.30pm

Medina & Negociants, 45-47 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HB

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 60 minute show

5.00/7.00 admittance

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