Folkestone on TV

Well, Sandgate anyway. Shornecliffe Redoubt was on this week's Time Team, and they found precisely none of what they were looking for... they did stop for a pint in The Ship though.

Grand weekend, after the rugby and an early dinner we went on a bit of an adventure yesterday evening, to Saltwood, by train, and then on to Hythe. Saltwood Castle is a very nice pub, though the walk to it from Sandling station is a bit spooky in the dark. We'll have to do this again in the summer when the evenings are lighter and we can have a good peer at all the big houses. Real ale in the pub and darts and food and all that, would be worth moving to Saltwood for. From there, a further blind hike into Hythe, another mile or so, and then a pint in The Bell and The Butt of Sherry. A pubtastic weekend!

Mostly a lazy day today, watching Time Team was about the peak of the excitement.

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Sun Feb 11 2007

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