Folkestone suicide tragedy

FG ≫ 2008 ≫ Folkestone suicide tragedy

An apparent eye witness has come forward to the tragic death on Friday, claiming that NO, there was not a crowd to witness the event and NO, no-one was holding up a mobile phone filming:

Asd for what you've been told about people there taking pictures etc on they're phones of it happening? That's utter Bull sh*t! It was surprisingly quiet for the time of day and the ambulance seemed to take forever to cover her body.

So that's that settled then. I guess details will be all over the Folkestone Herald etc this week.

I didn't realise there was a Folkestone connection to all the Bridgend1 nonsense earlier in the year either, how sad. From back in February:

A young woman has killed herself while on holiday in Folkestone after hearing about that her cousin had tried to take his life.

Kelly Stephenson, 20, from Bridgend, South Wales was on holiday in Folkestone with her family when she heard that her 15-year-old cousin, Nathanial Pritchard, had attempted to hang himself late on Wednesday.

Note this is not connected with last Friday's events.

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