FG ≫ 2006 ≫ Tim's Vinos and Tapas review (slight return)

We finally bit the bullet, and returned to the venue of our very worst Folkestone dining experience this weekend. And it was a success! I am very happy to report that Tim's Vinos and Tapas (the new (ish) name for Timothy's Wine Bar is great.

We picked about 7 tapas dishes between the two of us, including one meat, one salad, and one tomato and garlic toasted bread type thing.

One particular highlight was padron peppers1, which looks like jalapeno peppers in salt, but without much heat. Interestingly the odd one here and there tasted quite hot, it made the dish quite lively. Beans in garlic and onion, and battered courgettes were also good.

It's a small but friendly restaurant, you might end up chatting with neighbouring tables, and you might also be graced with a table visit from the host. I would not always be in the mood for this, so will bear it in mind for a return visit.

With a twenty quid bottle of wine the lot came to about forty five pounds, so it does not feel the cheapest place to eat, but it was pretty tasty.

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