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Was just trying to find the furniture we bought at the weekend, and all the top results are me, how strange. It's down to Habitat's website1 being quite bad, the whole flash interface makes it hard to index, so my pages are coming up top. ANYWAY, here's that dressing table we got off ebay:

Doesn't really look much there, but we're really pleased with it. We got about a third off buying it second hand, this stuff seems to keep it's value. Annoying now, but handy if we need to sell any of it. Next purchase, more "Bergerac" range oak furniture from John Lewis, not likely to see much of that come up cheap though unfortunately. Wish I could be a reseller for it, I'm top google result there too.

Spent the day in Tunbridge Wells, and had my second mushroom and truffle pizza in Pizza Express, even nicer this time. Tunbridge Wells was great, lots of individual shops, looking forward to going back there again. We found some more oak called Antix2 which kind of matches the John Lewis stuff, it's French again, maybe we should go direct to France and look for some furniture...

It's not all been about obsessive hoarding of furnishings this weekend though, we spent the evening crawling round the pubs of Folkestone, starting off with an overdue return to an old friend Chambers. Wouldn't you know it, it was house night again, so we left after a quick comple of pints. They must save their indie nights for the week, when it would be quieter, but it is annoying. Next stop was going to be The British Lion, but we got sidetracked by The Electric Beatles at Mustang's. Ropey sound quality, but good effort in terms of costume and that. After that on to The Ship Inn in the harbour, and a truly terrible singing keyboardist, then to The Mariner and a quite good Irish band, then last orders in The Guildhall and I can't remember what kind of music the duo there were playing for some reason.

Quiet day today.

Sorry if the site is flickering a bit, it's some JQuery3 javascript I'm trying out, going to do some more fancy dynamics on here soon.

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

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