Blog2005 ≫ Got the first Darkness EP?

They have gone for decent amounts of money before, here's one just listed1, good luck. Ah, here's the perfect accompaniment to the t-shirt I already have2 too...

On to the blog, great weekend. Friday saw a visit from Emma and a rare trip to Chambers. Very busy and loud in there, it was Port-a-jam reggae night, and open until 1am. Not long after eleven people started to filter out anyway, either off somewhere open even later, or just heading home then out of habit.

Saturday was party time for the father-in-law's birthday, we started round ours with darts and pool and itunes party shuffle, then progressed to Wards, then round to Deano's apparently. Sunday was a nice relaxing day, feet up, watching telly. Saw Mr and Mrs Smith3 which was a bit rubbish, and Ring Of Bright Water3 which was free with the inlaws paper, and ottertastic.

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