Blog2010 ≫ Up early, but without vomit

A nice start to the long weekend

Some light squeaking from the boy at 5am again, but he was fine, so I went back to bed for a couple of hours lie in... then up for the boot fair at St Mary's field, got some books and a couple of toys for the boy, not as good as last time though. An educational electronic bug thing that does similar thing to all his other button pressing toys, and a singing soft Teletubby1. Looks like I can't remove all of the electronics from it to put in the washing machine (put the soft toy in the washing machine, not the electronics) so that might be no good.

Just remembered I have left it in bits on the table, I will be in trouble when Clare gets home if it's still there when she gets back from the library...

UPDATE: Tidied up just in time, well moved my untidiness to the computer desk where I am. Clare is back, The boy is napping, we're off to Ashford outlet centre suit shopping when he wakes up. Time to have a proper go at operating on this teletubby, it may never speak again. Looks like it was fifty quid plus1 new, not bad for a pound.

In library news, Folkestone Library is shutting for the summer for some reason. Thought something was up when Clare renewed her books online and it gave her until August. I assumed they'd got fed up with her not returning books and renewing them online every two weeks and decided to give just her three months, but no it is everyone.

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