Living Room night this Friday at The View

FG ≫ 2010 ≫ Living Room night this Friday at The View


I would like to announce and invite you and your friends to 'The Living Room', featuring great music from near and far in a relaxing venue.

Attached is a poster in jpeg format detailing the event but for those who may not be able to veiw it the details are as follows;

DATE: Fri 29th Jan.....7.30pm (Arrive at a reasonable time to catch all the acts)

VENUE: The bar below, Le View, 6-8 Aston House, West Terrace, Folkestone CT201TH.......Tel 01303 241688

PRICE: (4.00)

ACTS: We have a fantastic lineup, please copy into your browser for a taster. Alternatively you can scroll through my myspace (Address at top and bottom of email) friends list where you'll find them too.


...Lucy is a young singer- songwriter from the UK, creating a buzz with her fresh and exciting approach to the folk rock sound. Writing with a style that evoke's some of the great female singer songwriter's of the 70's, her songs are inspired by honesty, passion's and truth's from experiences along the way. Her self- penned, and soulful songs continue to connect with audiences through their heartfelt and confessional lyrics. It is rare to see so many influences crammed into music, and lucys songs span the wide spectrum of folk, grunge and blues, with a distinct twist of her own individual style people find difficult to pigeon hole....


...Syd Arthur are an exciting new band from the South East of the country, at the forefront of the young musical explorers whose unique sound has been making waves far beyond their native Canterbury. Their highly eclectic sound encompasses folk, world, psychedelic, jazz, prog and rock music, showcasing original song writing, inter-weaved with instrumental freak-outs...Back by popular demand...


...Blending the traditional funk and jazz sounds of fender rhodes, double bass and drum kit Vibe Machine set out their beats and grooves to back the voice and message of Dave Pepper (bard of albion and lord of the mic). Dave has been a regular and popular performer at festivals around the country over the last few years. The group formed in 2009 and then played throughout the summer in many locations including Lovebox, Small World festival, Passing Clouds, The Vibe Bar (brick lane), Making Waves festival and also forming the backline of the house band for YouNite! at The Others in Stokey. Drawing on a wide range of influences VibeMachine are pleased to present their Know Folk Funk Punk Poetry for your listening pleasure...


...MR BLUE'S highly eclectic taste in ass kickin tunes once again round off a superb line-up. He'll be sexing it up and generally being quite naughty from around 11 till heaven...

Under 18s are welcome. A strict over 18 only alcohol policy is in operation

There is a full bar downstairs in the venue and upstairs a great restaurant and bar which you can see more of on their website.....

Basically The Bar Below is one of the most relaxing, well laid out places Ive ever come across. It is rapidly gaining renown as a truely unique venue having held some fantastic music events already such as 'Underground Sound' and 'The Loco Lounge', to name but a few. The acoustics are great the lighting fantastic and the staff friendly and helpful, theres even a STAIR CHAIR for those who find stairs difficult. It's also decked out with nice comfy sofas (see pics) for those wishing to take the weight off their feet !

Please if you can, help by forwarding this email on to interested parties

If you need bigger jpegs then please contact me and i'll arrange it

Hope youre all well, see you there and please bring your freinds.

( Next Living Room event after Jan 29th is Fri March 26th )

Tony King

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