Blog2007 ≫ Blackpool (being the third part of my two week holiday write up)

Have you been to Blackpool? DON'T EVER EVER GO THERE, man alive, it was the worst place I've ever been to. A few people gave me odd looks when I said I was going to Blackpool for a couple of days as part of our grand tour, but only one person got close to putting into words just how bad it was. I'd imagined a cheap and cheerful low rent imitation of Las Vegas but good grief, the very best parts of it were like the worst bits of Folkestone, the bits that have now been demolished. We met Clare's parents there - not for the first time, we already knew each other, we'd just arranged to meet there. I thought Clare's mum was messing about when they met us at the station and she was nearly in tears. I can't stress enough how little I'm overreacting here, it's not a nice place. If you've booked a trip there, just forget your deposit and cancel, stay home instead.

The weather didn't help, if it'd been bright and sunny when we got there maybe we'd have just got on with it, walked on the beach and the like, but all we could think of doing was leaving. We gave the pubs of the town a bit of a go in the evening, but couldn't find one that was worth staying in, and really struggled to find a restaurant - any restaurant - for our evening meal. Next day we headed off to Liverpool. That's about forty miles away I suppose, and that just about felt far enough. Liverpool was alright, though it's undergoing a monstrous amount of regeneration at the moment, be nice to see it when it's all done. Lots of good looking pubs, but we drove there and I thought I might do my share and drive back so I didn't go in any. I did check out Matthew Street, home to The Cavern and birthplace of The Beatles. The original Cavern is long gone, but it's been recreated somehow close to the original spot... bit of a cheesy touristy idea, might be nicer to admit they made a big bad mistake allowing this to happen, but hey, I stopped there and took a photo anyway.

We returned to Blackpool that night, it had not improved, though we found a pub with an Irish singer who was alright, Paddy Goes To Hollyhead1.

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