Blog2006 ≫ Oh, and the snooker

We watched a lot of this over the weekend, but not the end! We like to see a good match as much as anyone, but late on a Sunday night I'd prefer it to be a bit of a drubbing. Taking things to the black ball in the last possible frame, after many many long safety exchanges is no good for us who have to be up early! What a finish to the last Masters at Wembley though.

We were there at Wembley in 2003 I think, watching the towers being demolished in between games.

So where should it move to now? The Leas Club? Folkestone Snooker Club?

In other gaming news, no time for The Clarke Cup this weekend, but we played a couple of friendlies and I was soundly thrashed. We did decide there was no time for a full cup fixture before I started to lose, honest.

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