Blog2009 ≫ There goes the neighbourhood

Furniture dumped in the front garden, and a knocking shop..?

It's like living in Fareham again! There's a piece of furniture been dumped in our front garden overnight! OK, it's a better class of furniture, not a rusty broken washing machine or a wee-stained mattress or anything. And, OK, hands up, it was me that dumped it there, but still! This is not going to go down well with the fine folks who live along this street.

Tried to move the pool table out of the flat yesterday. Having to rearrange the place to make room for the baby. I know they are small, but they need a lot of stuff. Got two big strapping lads round to help, and managed to get most of the pool table as far as the front drive, but as it didn't dismantle as much as I'd hoped, there was no getting it into the back of anyones car. So, it's wrapped in plastic and dumped on the shared front drive at the moment. Or at least it was last night, I daren't go out and look today. As it's a bank holiday I can't get a van yet either, so I hope there's not too much rain, or anyond driving round valuing the neighbourhood. Or, what if google street view came round and the lasting impressing of our flat is some fist shaking neighbours clustered round a discarded pool table?

The slate is still in the flat, there is no shifting that, I have new respect for the guys of Kingswood Leisure1 who brought it UP the stairs. I'm doing to build a wardrobe around it today to cover it up, we could not even get it out of the room let alone down the stairs.

To top off the decline of civilisation round here, my inside man at the council tells me there's a knocking shop somewhere along this road. That's the sort of information I certainly ought to be keeping quiet if I ever hope to rent this flat out really, isn't it?

Aching badly today, but I really do have a wardrobe to assemble. It's a Habitat Radius job (the ones I'm always going on about, though there are non available today) and will be great when it's up, but at the moment I'm looking at a very heavy pile of timber in the cordner of the room:

[flickr][/flickr] Not taking a picture of the table on the front drive as I daren't go out there.

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