Blog2005 ≫ Not a very relaxing weekend then

Friday we had long lost flatmate Emma visiting, and we played darts and drank booze - don't know if it was beginners luck, or if she's secretly been practising, but she was FAR TOO GOOD! Saturday the plan was an all day pub crawl for Dean's birthday, but it didn't quite go to plan. We started off at our place, with a bottle of champagne Dean had saved from his actual birthday (while we were away). After this we found another bottle, then some wines and beers, then a couple more crawlers joined us, so we stayed in playing darts and drinking for the afternoon. Got some pizzas delivered from Pizza Hut - I don't like them, but I was outnumbered. Headed to Harvey's for the first time in ages, and played some killer pool and had more drinks, then off predictably to Chambers for more beers and meeting more people. Not quite sure what happened next, but we didn't actually crawl to any more pubs, or get any dinner.

Spent yesterday recovering. Probably slept too late, so didn't sleep so well tonight, but had a good old snooze on the train in today, so am just about back to normal...

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