Blog2010 ≫ Nicely matured vintage ale

Had a beer yesterday that was four years past its sell by date.

Thinking about clearing out the cupboards ready for a move, starting with the booze cupboard. Digging into the lower layers I found a can of beer best before January 2006. It was OK actually, and I'm still alive and not sick today so all is well. It was a tesco value bitter too which I must have bought just to make shandy out of or something.

Perhaps it had continued fermenting, because I only had that and then one glass of wine and then went to bed. A shockingly minimal amount of booze for a Friday night.

SMASHING day today, got up fairly early and went down town with The boy to let Clare lie in. A really really nice day today, did a couple of chores then got a coffee and walked along The Leas. It's clear blue skies here but you can see a solid border of white clouds towards France, I guess from the evaporation of the sea or something.

One of my chores was barely a chore at all, went to the bank to pay in more premium bonds winnings; 2 x 25, better than nothing. One actual chore was cleaning the kitchen windows, MAN ALIVE it's made such a difference. The sun is so bright today it really showed them up, giving the insides a go (window cleaner did the outsides this week) has properly brightened the room up.

Oh and I lost my sunglasses today. Retraced my steps and found them still on the counter in the bank, phew.

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